Tuesday, October 26, 2010


i just had the most scariest and painful moment in awhile. im use to scary moments and stuff but this one was really bad.

i was sitting here it was about 530pm and i started getting like really anxious and i felt really off and my chest was bothering but not to bad so i took my pulse 64 bpm ok nomral for me so i just deicded i needed to relax so i put my ipod on and i grabbed my new book and read for half hour i still felt off so i though that ijust needed to eat.

so i went downstairs and cooked my tofu noodles like it said to added garlic powder and a tablesoon of chopped red peppers. i heated up a small pieceo f chicken and then cut them up and put it in with my noodles as well. i go back upstairs with my bowl and i start to eat i get like 3 bites in and then the pain starts and its bad my chest is so tight and so painful it went down to my ribs and my stomach the worse pain in my stomach was on teh right side my heart was beating so fast and the pain just wouldnt stop so i stop eating that and go downstairs to get some toast i put 2 slices of white bread in toaster(im not suppose to have white bread but we wre out of wheat and white every once in awhile is ok). i i have a bite of my noodles and some toast and the pain just intensifies so i stop eating the noodls and chicken mix. and kneel on the floor and eat my toast the toast isnt helping at all and im like bent over in pain so i have some water and walk to the bathroom and just throw up and throw up. got it was gross to look at it i know all of it didnt come up cuase it was getting stuck but afterthe pain calms down i clean up and go back to my room i lay down and realize that i still have to throw so i go downstairs throw my food away and grabed a liter of water i drink about 3/4 of it and then go tot he bathroom again and more of it comes up.

the pain has stopped well except for the chest tightness but tahts always there but the pain in my stomach stopped as well. also after throwing up a nice BM as well. so i guess the tofu didnt agree with me or the chicken or the red peppers idk what it was i had the chicekna nd red peppers b4 but not the tofu so im guessing it is that

im just sitting here in a daze my head is poudning and its so cloudy. om just really glad the pain stopped i have a high tolerance for pain and that pain was just so unbearable i thought i was having a heartattch but i didnt have ne of the other symtpoms but it stopped after i threw up so i have no idea what it was.

on a good note my new phone came today. thank fucking god i hated my bros old phone so yay i got my phone back well not my numbers or nething or my pics or my memory card but at least i got a phone. the damn thing wouldnt program though so i had to call and talk to them but he was nice and since its a family plan my mom had to give him premission but hey its all owrking now. mom gave me some of the numbers he had and i foudn the list of numbers i had and put them in and then some of my lovely ana friends txte dme as well for i cuold have their numbers again.

i went on a long walk today as well. i walked almost 2 miles to the library to return wasted and then i went to dunkin donuts and got my medium unsweetened iced tead mom gave me 2 bucks for i could get it. i then walked tot he park walked once around there and then made my trek back home. al together that was 4.2 miles 9,341 steps taken 281 cals burned. my watch did turn it off alil and i didnt realize it so i did lose a lil.

this moring i also ran in place for 45 minutes well not run in place technically i stood with my feet planted and jsut kept my legs moving. i read wasted while i did that so i could finish it and return it to the library.

alos applied to one job today it was at the gap
and i started a new book torment by lauren kate its the sequeal to fallen

miss alisha-they didnt agree with me as u can tell from the above post but mayb u will like them

CE- i had a run in with the toilet today

mich-ima have to look for some aloe and yeah the feeling better didnt last im sorry about ur tummy though

alice-good luck on ur job search as well i hope u have better luck then me

sarah-thanx hunny u really are the best

anorexicmedic-thanx hunny but app this dumb ass town only likes scum bags ugh

believe-i know right ugh


  1. Oh man that's scary. :( I really hope you tummy starts getting better soon. xoxoxo

  2. Ohh no that's awful. It's happened to me too sort of before, scary stuff. Hope you're feeling better soon x

  3. Oh wow, that is hella scary! Jeeze I would have freaked out!! I'm so glad you're ok! Get some rest and get better :)
    Yay for the new phone, i'm getting mine in hopefully tomorrow.. I fkn miss txting! lmao

  4. Oh that is not good hun! I'm glad you're feeling better
    I want to read that book! need to go to the library to get it. You're reading torment?! I read fallen, it's my favourite book so far i have read but haven't got the money to buy the new one, so i'm going to get it for my birthday next week :D Can't wait to read it!
    Stay strong hun! xox

  5. that sound awful. Hope it was nothing serious!
    Glad to hear your feeling better now.