Tuesday, October 19, 2010


so im sitting here with half liter of water, huge mug of decaf black chai tea, club crackers and cup of my homemade tomato salsa soup an dmy god that good is gonna stay down
i know ppl might think im crazy for wanting the food to stay down but just wait til u get tot he point were ur body rejects pretty much everything and it gets ride of it all on it own trust me its not fun to have to becareful with what u eat and when u are going newhere jut in case ur body decided its time to throw up th efood u ate.
yesterdays 3 throw ups waasnt fun at all
but im doing better today havent thrown up yet thank god but thats prob cause i have only eaten 2 apples so far.

i know the soup might b hard cause its so acidic and me and that stuff dont get along either but i hope it stays in my head and body cant take much more of this im sure my electrlyets are all fucked up now from almost a week of this.

ima start a list of good foods and bad food im sure the bad food list will b lng as fuck the bad food will b all the food that i either throw up my stomach cant handle or just make me completely sick

good food will b all the stuff that i can eat safely so far the only thing on there is apples cause me and apples got along really well today.

im really tired my day just kept going and going.
in the morning i went with my sister to do some last minute running around she had to do that involvev: michaels, target, riteaide, payless and old navy.

after we fianllly got all that down we had to stop at my grandfathers of course for she can say bye and its never a short visit hi fulll blown italian grandfather there. they aske dmy sis if she gained weght yet referring tot he freshman 15 and their comment was to me that im still as small as ever and could stand to put on some lbs. since it was lunch time they tried to make us eat.

so we had to have the hole i cant have nething acidic dairy and pelase no meat conversaion that lasted awhile like its not hard to understand that i cant eat those things eventually i got away with just eating an apple and the gave me a banana to take with me. my sis ate some chicken and they gave her a bag of choc to take.

me and dad took her back to school today which involved adn hour and half car ride ugh im sore. but we coudlnt find ne parking right in front of her dorm so we had to park acorss the street and amke 2 trips. first trip i had a bin full of her clothes an ihad to stop a few times it was heavy but i made it and carreid it to her room. then the second trip i had her blankets and her big ass heavy duffel bag. i will prob have a nice bruise on my leg and shoulder from it but o well i burned cals doing that.

we got her all settled in and we walked around campus a lil for she coudlnt show it to me ive never seen it its a nice li cmapus its cute
so i burned 259 cals just walking around with her
idk how many cals i burned carrying the stuff cause im to itred to figure it out

ima just relax now and watch one tree hill :) and then the teen mom reunion special. my body is sore from just evertyhign but tomm ima try to go to the gym prob just walk on tready there idk if imy body can handle nething else yet

ash-thanx hun i just think gettign sick is gonna b a permanent thing now ugh not lokking forward to it

rozy-ur not weird either hun some ppl just dont want kids there is nuttin wrong with that. and omg i love er and house as well and thats what im diong fruits and soups and stuff gotta take it easy on my stomach

sarah-thanx hunny

acka11-o that sounds yummy

skinny_el-thanx hun yeah me and here are really close so its nice to spend time with her

mich-yeah i knwo i will c her on thankgsiving it will all work out and b ok and yeah i know i should prob just go on treadmill tomm and just walk


  1. I hate trying to explain to people that you seriously cannot eat certain things. >:( Why do some people refuse to believe us?? Like mum has seen me curled up into a fetal position on the floor after eating anything with garlic or too much oil, or too much dairy all at once; and yet she still gives me a hard time about refusing Italian food, or anything deep fried.
    It's good you're feeling better! xoxo

  2. Fruits and soups sounds good - filling and healthy!

    But trust me, I totally understand what you're going through. People didn't believe me either!! It's so frustrating when you actually ARE trying to eat and stuff won't stay down. That really makes you think "fuck it!"

    Good thing you're feeling better though xxx

  3. That's great you got to see the campus (: i've never seen one of the uni campus' or private school and that! And good you got some extra exercise thrown in too! I'm glad you managed to eat the apples and i hope the soup and crackers are put on your safe list, it seems you like that soup, it does sound very yummy!!
    One Tree Hill <3 Love it!!
    Stay strong hun xox