Friday, October 1, 2010


outfit for 2nite i decided to go casual today its been raining well it finally stopped but still i felt like being comfy. i feel like a fat ass and gross but ugh
but heres the outfit

due to the rain i coudlnt go for a run today i could of went to the gym but i was in one of my i dont wanna c neone moods and ijust wanted to go for a run and block out the rest of the world but i coudlnt do that cause of the damn weather. it rained all day yesterday and most of today. o it also rained monday and tuesday as well dont u just love jersey weather enough with the rain already.
today as soon it started to clear up and i would get up to pu tmy shoes on it would start pouring today so yeah i didnt get my run in evenutally i just gave up tryin gand i showered straightend my hair repainted my nails and tonails and yeah it cleared up after that of course.

i convinced my mom to buy me apples today yes i did and she got me a hole bag of the green ones which are currently in my fridge yes. and tahts all i got in there besides some jello and some applsesauce. she also got some lettuce today as well that i can steal and make salads yes. i was starting to freak out bout what i was gonna eat cuase i was outof everything but dont have the money to buy nehitng but she fixed that all now i got my apples and salad and everything is all good :)

im having the worse hugner pains right now which im not use to i usually dont feel hunger ij ust eat out of boredum or cause i know i have to not out of hunger but damn does it hurt so bad right now and its making me feel nasouses but i cant eat i just cant i gotta save the cals for dinner with the boy later maybi iwill make some tea or something.

food log


*cup of sodium free chicken broth-10
*salad-lettuce(20) tomato(15) peppers(10) pickle(0) wine vinage dressing(0)

*2 liters water
*2 cups tea(orange and peppermint)

*1 hour joggin in place-374 cals burned

and thanx again to everyone for the comments on my last post. i know that he just cares and he thinks that hes trying to help in the way that he thinks is right. see he is not much of a junk eater really hes not a junk eater at all so he thinks that ishoudlnt eat junk either but he knows if it was up to me i wouldnt eat at all and if he gave me a choice between junk and real food i would choice the junk everytime im more of a dessert person then a food person.
and yes he makesme eat ice cream buthe knows that i love i ce cream so much but hopefully he donest make me eat it or much of it nemore cuase i dont feel like being in pain
but one day he will understand i know he will never understand completely cause u cant fully understand this disease unless u have it but hes trying an dilove him so


  1. i always look forward to your outfits ;-) cute as always!

  2. You have very good taste in clothes =]

    Are you kidding?? I would kill for rainy weather right now... In Utah were lucky if we get rain once every five or six months... It's october now and it's still 80 and 90 degrees outside lol. I would gladly trade you, darling =D

  3. great intake today, and your outfit is super cute! glad you got all the foods you needed for the week, it's way better to have the healthy options so you don't have to resort to junky fatty foods!


  4. you have great style, and i'm so jealous of your figure!!

  5. Aww, you look so cute! You always have the best outfits. <3

  6. Great outfit!!! I REALLY like that shirt. And you look hot and skinny, not a fat ass at all.

    The weather was nuts yesterday. At one point I looked outside and the sun was out, shining down all bright and lovely on the back yard. And it was also pouring rain. Wtf?

  7. ha mich i know dont u love crazy jersey weather
    believe-i would gladly send u some rain if u gave me some warmth its like 60 degrees here

    and thans everyone for ur lovely comments u really are the best and ilove u all

  8. your date night sounded really nice im glad your having fun. idk if i told u already but me and the boy broke up