Monday, October 18, 2010


so today i just spent alot of time with my sister. me and my dad are taking her back to school tomm and she wont b back til thanksgiving so siter time was in need. my mom was suppose to go with us but app her priotierites arent in check cause she wants to stay home and watch the phillies instead yeah ok mom.

well neway me and my sis spent time together today :) the first thing we did was this morning go to the mall mom cam with us this time. she need some "teacher" clothes for school as she put it. shes going to going for teaching and she has to do field work/study and stuff so she needs dressy clothes for when she goes and do that. and then we went to 2 diffrent grocery stores for she can get more food to bring with her to school. i managed to get my mom to buy me 6 apples and a shirt.

o the shirt is so cute its a blue graphic tee. i love it it has a pic of peeps on it and says "chillin with my peeps" so cute i love graphic tees and i have a werid sens eof humor so yeah.

but i got her to get me 6 apples 2 the green kind of course and i almost got her to buy me soyjoy bars but coudlnt find them so none of those.

god u should c allt he food my sis is brining back with her to school
*choc chip cookies
*choc peanut butter cookies
*2 boxes tasty cake cupcakes
*boxes dunaroos
*like 6 things of gold fish crackers
*mike and ikes and peeps(my aunt)
and a shit ton of other stuff too i even gave her my granola bars popcorn and choc mouse so yeah i was bad i gave her food too but i didnt want it nemore

but she wants to lose weight too she did gain a lil while being away not alot just alil but her cheering uniform is tight and its a 2 piece so she wants to lose a lil weight to look better in it. shes like ima just starve myself for 2 weeks i just looked at her shes like yeah i know but i wanna lose weight. so i told her toj ust cut back on the soda and drink water. she decided to go with gatorade instead which is fine. breakfast she said she wasj ust gonna have whatever isin her room b4 class and lunch and diiner either salad or sandwhcih or wrap. i told her to get grillled chicken on turky for the protein. like i know she said she was gonna starve but i know my sister she loves food she is nuttin like me or u guys she doesn thave it in her to have a full blown ed i know her trust me. but i told her those things u know water and that shit for she would know but yeah was i stupid for that or seomthing like i didnt tell her to starve i just told her to b healthier.

we baked the cookies and the brownies shes taking back well really mom did iti just sat down there with them and hung otu with my sis. my autn came over as well and while i was throwing up the cookie yup i threw up and not on purpose she was like u got stomach issues too im like yeah. so i found out my grandmother their mother had a shit ton of stomach issues as well. so on my moms side i got stomach issues and on my dad sie i got high blood pressure and cholestrol. so add in my ed an dim pretty much just fucked so yay for that lets just embrace my fuckedup life that i cant do nething about lovely.

i tried applyging for jobs today while my sis whent to go visit her frieds at cheering practice but yeah idk if it was my computer or the fucking sites but i didnt get ne applications in like fuck i would start them and then the site just wouldnt budge so ugh fml again.

we went tot he mall a second time as well today after dinner she wanted to get a few more things. we went in to strawberry(go di love that store) but i told her that i wasnt allowed to buy nething and she wouldnt let me. she got 3 pairs of jeans and this really cute top thati ma have to borrow when she comes home again. she also got this mocassin things that she loves so much at a different store.

we had to stop at myaunts house for she could get the cookies she baked and to say buy so yeah sis left with even more food god my aunts are crazy and yeah i left with a box of crackers the keebler club ones i like those and they are no milk so im ok with that its just i tend to eat way to many crackers but yeah o well i will not bingeon them im saying that right now.

tomm i think we are leaving to take her back around 230pm she said so that gives us the morning together and more running around. she wants to go to target and muchales still so we will do that tomm.

but i threw up 3 times today 3 sepearte times. there was no blood and it wasnt alot of throw up just u know alil of the milk sutff i had.
throw up number1-raw cookie dough
throw up number2-cooked cookie
throw up number3-salad

when we were baking i had like 2 lil finger scoops of the raw cookie dough that kida came up right away and when there were done i had a few cookies ijust love them right out of the oven dont worry they didnt stay in long either. like im not doing it on prupsoe my stomach just cant handle them and it gets rid of themall on its own
the thrid time was a lil bit of my salad c i boughtthe grilled chicken cease salad no dressing a few days ago and just havent eaten it but i ate it today an dyeah part o fit stayed down parto f it didnt c ceasers have a lil paramessan cheese on them.

but my plan for tomm is to have oatmeal and some mango for breakfast i had that today an dit didnt make me sick or throw up or nething
lunch b4 we go ima have a cup of my tomato salsa soup that prob wont stay down cause of all the acid from the tomatoes
dinner ima do some veggies
ima bring a fruit bar with me just in case i need it and im hoping and praying that my dad doesnt wanna stop for food or nething cause yeah i really dont need grease or nething like that

im feeling ok today just really tired im not as sore my chest still bothers me but im doing better. but i cant do much like i was starting to get really weak and light headed an ddizzy while we were out shopping the first time i though i was gonna throw up and pass out but i didnt i made it home and had biscuit and some grapes and it helped but app i cant do much yet cause my body is so weak from just everything
im hoping that i can go to the gym on wednesday i havent been in a few days and its killing me

loveu all

ash-o i bet it meant alot to her for u to spend time with her

acka11-whats turkish delight if u dont mind me asking. c idont mind the crying and everything they are just so precious and cute when they are that small

ana-omg i know im weak with candy id rather have sweets then enthing else so yeah but i gave soem of the food away i kept the jelly beans though and yeah halloween candy is a bitch

sarah-i love them too

mich- iknow they just smell the greatest and they reallydo but in a good way

skinny rose-yeah c im one of those weridos who loves kids and i want kids of my own eventaully and it helps that they are my cousins so it is a lil diffrent and of couse i was thinking about u crazy and ur new plan doesn sound good keep me updated on it all. yeah idk if it was the dairy or a combo of the dairy and the pills i took and the purging i did the day b4 but i know the vomiting jus the food is from the dairy cause as soon as i eat it it just comes right back up. ima avoid it as best ican from now on though


  1. sounds like you had fun!!!! sorry you got sick though T.T

  2. I don't think you're the weirdo... I am! People are always like "Dude, what's wrong with you - you're a chick, you should LIKE kids and want them!'
    Hmm, I'm worried. It definitely could be the purging - it really fucks with your stomach lining... I don't know, I'm no doctor (I do have a degree in Grey's Anatomy, ER and House though...)
    I'd say no fizzy drinks/milk/bread/chips/granola (anything irritating) also no meat! Bananas & melons usually help when all is messed up... soft foods..
    Get better!

  3. Sounds lovely, but too bad about feeling unwell.
    Stay gorgeous.

  4. turkish delight is only the greatest thing ever. it is hard to explain. its pink/purple coloured and is often covered with chocolate. Its has a gelatinous consistency lol. they are falavoured with rose water.

  5. I'm glad you had fun with your sister (: It's always nice to have quality sister time!
    I'm sorry that you were sick though ): Hope today's better for you!
    Stay strong xox

  6. My older sis is the same way with food. :/ Glad you got to spend time with her. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so you'll see her again soon, which is great!
    Take it easy for a few days, hun. If you're still feeling crappy by Wednesday, keep the gym workouts on the light side! :-*