Sunday, October 3, 2010


so i ate way to much this wkd prob around the 1000 cals mark. so ugh that just sucks i didnt eat more then 600 cals m-thurday and they friday was date nite with the boy and then sat i alwasy eat more for some reason idk y but i do i cant figure it out and today isnt going to well its not horrible but i shoudlnt of eat that popcorn.
when i get money u know like a job im going food shopping i use to hate going every week but now that i cant go and im stuck with whatever food my parents have i wanna go. so when i have money i am going to find dairy free popcorn and bread. im going to get myself tons of fruits and a shit load of green beans and salad stuff and then im all good. and prob some oatmeal too i havent had it in a while.

i didnt feel like oging to the gym today ididnt feel like being around ppl or driivng so i decided to go for a run insteadn now granted its likein the 60's here(degrees) and the air has a bit o fa chil to it and its windy so it is a lil harder on the lungs but i love running so i did it neway. first i ran up to the park by my house. it has a huge hill that u have to run up and that just about killed me but from my house to the park was .75 of a mile and then i walked around the park 2 times which is a mile i walked back down the hill cause me and running down hill dont mix well im clumbsy as all hell so yeah. but then i started running back home an di kept running until i ran a total of 3.203 miles. i wanted to run more but he coldness was getting to me and im not suppose to b running on my leg neway but surprisngly it didnt hurt as bad yeah it still hurt but the grinding and the shapr pains werent as bad as they usually are.

no i know alot of u are wondering abou tmy workout plan and all that. but first i wanted to thank u all for the wonderful comments u really are all amzing and i love u all. but iw ill tell u how i work out and how i got my abs since u all wanna know so bad.

c ive always been an exercise addcit its just like ingrained in my head or soemthing idk but i do some kind of exercise everyday. i blame it on the 8 years of gymanstics i did and then the 5 years of cheering i did after that. god i miss gymnastics so much i was good at it i loved it so much but it was so hard on my body i have weak bones from being born so early. so i hurt my ankle alot. my right side is weaker then my left. but one time imessed up my ankly so bad that the doctor said i had to quit that there was no way i could do it nemore. ive broken that ankle twice, spained it numerous times from mild to serve. ive even pulled my achilles heal now that one hurt that was a bitch and ugh i never wanna do that again. but u know gymnasts the just tape it up and keep going so yeah my injuries never acutally healed right.
i have injuries from cheering as well a fucked up knee right one how did u guess. that yes i had surgery on it never healed right and thats y i get the pain in it and the grinding is from no cartilidge. i wont tell u aobut the surgry cause u prob dont wanna hear about it. and then theres my messed up back i have bad muscle spasms and at one point i pulled/bruised every muscle in it.

so ok enough of my rambling on to the work out.
when i got to the gymi either do elly, tready, or bike. sometimes i do 2 in one day it all depends.

lately ive been doing elly sometimes i do h 65 minutes on it sometimes i do 65 mins twice for a totally of 2hours 10 mins.

but the first 65 i always do some kind of hill work out either a random one or one the other hill ones like cascades or around the world etc. i ususally ahve the level between 10-20 dpending. lately i do 10 cause my legs have been sore.

now if i do a second hour on the elly i do just the manual workout usually level 5.
i burn newhere between 400-500 cals doing an hour on elly

if i do the tready i usually just walk so i would just set it for an hour ona hill workout usually the highest level and just walk i either watch tv or read i usually read so yeah
sometimes i do run though i prefer running outside but sometiems thats not an option so gotta run on treadymill. so if i run on there i start out at a speed of 5.0 and work my way up to 6.0. sometimes i run on an incline sometimes i dont. the length of time i runs depends on how im feeling and how my leg is. the treadmill hurts my leg more then running outside.

for the bike i just do the manual one at level 5 every once in a hile i will more the level up to 9-10 and go as fast as i can for 2 mins its very hard cause the restitance is more but its so worth it. that last time i did that i was covered in sweat like dripping and i loved it.

moslty i just do elly cuase i love it so much
if i run outside i run at a speed of 5.5 my watch tells me i have apedometer watch thats tells me speed, distance, calories burned, and steps taken and a few other things as well

now my stomach ihave alwasy hated my stomach an di always will hate my stomach its one part of my body that just ircks me to no end im sure ua ll have on of those were u just cant stand it.
so im addicted to crunches love me my crunches i usually do them every day. i have to do them on my bed because the floor just hurts my spine an dmy bad way to much.
ive never been a situp fan so yeah. but idk how many crunches i do it depends normally i dont count i just do them til i feel like ive done enough. i do the normal crunches and i also do the side ones each side of course. i do the ones were ur legs are straight up in the air and also the ones were ur legs are bent but still held up in the air.
thats what i mostly do sometimes i throw in some of the ones idid for cheering and gymnastics those are kind hard to explain but yeah.

ihope that helped u guys i know u were all curious so there it is if u have ne other questions u know were to find me
i love u all u are all the best most amazing ppl inthe world love u stay strong.


  1. oooh thanks for sharing the exercise plan, it looks like it works great for you!

    and yeah, we have the same phone. i freaking hate it too, it does the same thing-- freezes up, or just turns off randomly (usually in the middle of me typing a text message). i can't wait until my contract is up so i can get a new one.

  2. eee i know! I love the elly! i gotta start doing crunches again ;-* fucking stomach

  3. okay this isn't related to your post, but i was reading your bio the other day, and it describes me as well!! i was also born early, almost 3 months early, and i also had to stay in hospital for a while to get my weight up. :D its so alike, in the beginning years, that its almost creepy.
    i love how you update everyday! its so enlightening to read all your posts!
    love you always <3

  4. Great exercise plan! Thanks for sharing all that stuff. :)

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one who reads on the treadmill. Sometimes it's the only time I can really get a quiet 40-60 minutes to myself, with no one bothering me. I wish I could go running outside, but I'm too self-conscious. :( I used to go jogging around my neighborhood at like 3 or 4 in the morning, but now we have a lot more bears and coyotes and bobcats, so I get a bit nervous. I'm pretty sure I cannot outrun a bobcat.
    Have a good week, luv!