Tuesday, October 12, 2010


so yeah i just fucking binged failure on my part what the fuck i wanna hit rock bottom so hard that it hurts but then i go and fucking binge yeah that makes a fuck load of sense like fuck ugh
i wanna purge so bad u have no idea but like i saidi m sticking to the no puring rule ugh
yeah so after i posted i ate 6 slices of peppredige farm light fiber bread, 1 granola bar, and 2 non dairy 90 cal ice cream bars
followed by a handful of biotin yeah i have a habit of taking to many pills so yeah fuck me
i really hate myself my stomach hurts so bad its so bloated and stuck out and just ew like fuck
so yeah today is the last day i binge im done with binging im done with it alla nd if i binge again please feel the need to fucking yell at me and scream and call me useless cause thats what i am

so tomm banana and liter of water in the morning water thru out the day try and not snack much while im playing witht he kids and then soup for dinner
lots and lots of water tomm fuck me i need this food out curnches time and i got 2 liters of water in front of me that i have to drink b4 bed hopefully i can pee alot of the fat out


  1. :( fuck! i feel you - if u feel bloated take some laxies and tonnes of water to try and flush as much out as possible. im so proud of you for not purging! <3

  2. I just got these pills called Lipofuze, and they're suppressing my appetite soooo well!

    Like I used to have to resist snacking through out the day, and the past three days [i've been taking them for five]

    I've only eaten twice. And I didn't even finish the whole plate of whatever food it was.

    I got them within like 4 days of when I ordered them, too, so that's a plus lol

  3. awww that isn't too bad i have done much worse trust me! good for you notpurging, its hell on the acid reflux. don't take it too hard. its gonna be fine k?

  4. ugh binging sucks so bad, but good for you for not purging. i think it's way more productive and healthy to correct a binge with restriction and lots of exercise! we're already hurting our bodies, but purging will fucking wreck a body completely.

    you're so strong, you'll have no prob getting back on track.