Wednesday, October 6, 2010


so just a quick post i just woke up from my nap i had to sleep off the after affects of the vicidion i took it made me so nasouses u have no idea

but neway my room is fianlly all down thank go di dont think i can take much more lifitng i worked from 9am-1pm the only one downside to it is my food box is upstairs now instead of downstairs but tis ok i can exercise control and not open it alot.
but im happy my room is down and its organzied a lil cluttered cause hey really my room is small but its organized and i know were everything is so yay for that
i also vaccumed it and the hallway and washed and put back on my sheets adn comforter.

im not even gonnapost what i ate today i dont even wanna think about it cause a) it was alot 2) it was so painful and c)ima do better tomm

so the plan for tomm is a semi liquid fast since i cant do a full one cause of my heart but im allowing: water, tea, hot choc, chicken broth, tomato soup, normal soup(only ifi really need it) and applesauce(last last resort), o and of course fuze ddrinks found them in my food box ha

im still too sore to go tot he gym so im thinking a nice walk tomm. its not suppose to rain for once but tis suppose to b chilly and windy but if its not to bad i wanna go for a walk up tot he bank i found $10 yesterday and i need to depoist that for it can go towards by bills.
and im half tempted to bring my credit card with me and stop at right aide and get some cleanse pills we will c though.

and i also wanna take my card and go tot he grocery store cause i cant eatmy moms food nemore it hurts way to much and my stomach is constantly bloated and hurting and i just cant do it nemore.

i just wanna get some oatmeal(maple and brown sugar kind), peppridge far light bread, some fruit and im on a mission to find low sodium soup. and i dont mean the kind that is like 400 mg of sodium i mean like 100-200 mg.
its getting colder here and when its colder i want soup and oatmeal but i relaly have to watch my sodium intake so soup is hard but i will figure it out

but according tot he american heart assocaition a healthy normal person is suppose to eat 2300 mg of sodium a day and since im suppose to b wathcing my sodium and im on a low sodium low cholestrol diet im thinking i should eat even less then that

ash- i know skittles are amazing o so yummy but o do they hurt my stomach
ana-thanx and yeah im 5'5 so thats y my bmi is that low
ce- u will get back tot hat i know u and i know u will
mich-we def will hit double digits together an dive had enough cleaning ha so much work in those 2 days


  1. awww sorry about your stomach babe, maybe you should go on an elimination diet? I'd say go to a gastroenterologist and get like a full work up, but i know that would be hard for you know. the only reason i havent done it is cuz my mom just kind a diagnosed me herself XD

  2. Awh hhun i'm sorry to hear that it was so painful! Hang in there, i hope the food you pick up doesn't cause you any pain! Xox