Thursday, October 21, 2010


i woke up today nasouses and dizzy that was a nice change ha not really. srsly id rather just throw up then wake up nasouses its not a good feeling at all. i hate waking up like that but good news i kept everything down today score one for me. now usually when i have agood day the next day will b bad please don tlet that happen idk how much more my body can take chestpains everyday suck.

but neway i was really nasouses and dizzy had to keep blinking just to keep for getting too dizzy and fall over dont need to b passing out or nething. i had my brakfast and waited a good 2 hours b4 i did nething just to make sure it was acutally gonna stay in and it did so i deicded to go tot he gym i was still extremely dizzy so i decided to just walk on the treadmill. i set it for the random hill workout level 7 speed 3.0 and just read wasted the hole time. i made sure i had one hand holding one to the bar in front just in case i got 2 dizzy and decided to fall. but i stayed upright. after i finsihed my workout i went to go walk downstairs. yes my gym as 2 levels i alwasy go upstairs to the treadmills and elliptiacls. but neway when to go walk downstairs and alwasy fell i had to hold on to the wall for dear life but i made it down and to the locker room to get my stuff. i ate 3 tictacs when i got to the car i needed soemthing to b able to drive home.

the nasousness left after lunch but i still had the dizziness in some form all day.
i spent 2 hours standing in place and just moving my legs. it was like running in place but i kept my feet on the floor the hole time ijust kept my legs moving and bending. yes 2 hours straight my feet hurt so bad after that and my back was so tight but it was so worth it and i got to read more of waster.

i had to lay down after that though cause my heart decided to do the hole werid skippy beat thing that makes me feel like shit.

i convinced my mom to buy me soup ingredients though i foudn this new soup recipe i want to try so im going with her tomm to get the ingredients and she also said she would buy me more apples and those tofu asian noodles thingys. i hope that i can find them cause no glutton nocholestrol no dairy so they shoudl acutally not make my stomach hurt or make me throw up.

my chest has been bothering me all day if its not my sternum hurting its right under my ribs im tired of that pain everyday andim tired of being tired everyday but i guess that i just have to deal with it. im sure my heart isnt in the best condition with the throwing up ive been doing my excessive purging int he past and my always starvingmyself but hey its still hanging inthere so thats a good thing

food log
*low sugar maple and brown sugar oatmeal-120

*cup tomato salsa soup-57
*pretzels w mustard-150(im over estimating not sure so thought 150 was a good number)

*jelly beans-it was a handful so dk cals

*baked potato no skin with garlic powder and red peppers-110
*2 cups broccoli-60


*2 liters water
*32 fl oz powderade - strawberry
*vitamin water 0 mega c
*huge mug tazo calm tea
*half liter water with green tea promgrante mix

*65 min tready level 7 random hill workout speed 3.0-215 cals burned
*then whatever i burned doing the sorta runningin palce for 2 hours

the baked potaot hurt like a bitch so that went on the inbetween list everything else was ont eh safe list

bellana-yeah im not really losing cause im vomiting so much im dehryadted and retaining water so the scale isnt being nice to me i acutally hide it on myself today ha

ce-oatmeal went good

mich-yeah no tums dont work the only thing that worked was rolaids but they recalled them and dont make them nemore sucks.yeah idk what she was thinking either ireland looked so pretty

lou-thanx hun and i take mutlivitamin everday i hope u feel better too

ana-yeah they really are teh wrose and i did bring my powerade 0 with me to the gym thanx for everything hun u really have been the best

beskinny- on u were on dp really thats cool and yeah this blog has been going on for awhle now its my escape. yeah the boy is the best and puts up with alot from me. i will never like the way i look though its inevitable thanx hun

marsh.sara- yeahi think we all hate dizzy spells im getting use to thtem though and ive drank so much powerade 0 lately i hate it i hate the taste of it i really dont wanna drink it nemore it does help but i hate the taste i was never much of a sports drink person thanx hun im always here for u too


  1. i hate the dizzy feeling. its worse than actually vomiting. im glad you are able to keep some things down now. take care. xo

  2. good idea taking it easy at the gym-- you still burned calories and you didn't pass out! win-win haha.

    stay safe hun!

  3. Certain dizzy is bad, others kinds are sorta comforting.

    If the pain continues, please go see your doctor. Heart attack = not good.

  4. Why must they recall the stuff that works? There was some sleeping pill my doc gave me a few years ago, I forget what it was called, but it was AWESOME. And of course recalled like 2 months later so I couldn't get more.

    I get those pains in my sternum as well, usually in the mornings. Hope you feel better, hun!