Thursday, October 7, 2010


yeah so the hole liquid fast thing didnt go as planned i should of knonw that since i can never really fast nemore i swear im in a lose lose situation i get sick when i fast and i get sick when i eat so either way im sick but yeah.the fast was going well i had a cup of tea in the moirning and then i went with my mom running around got home arounf noon and showered then had a voicemall about a job interview so i had to eat lunch so i did an di just ate dinner just for i dont binge later but hey i got a partial fast in so thats something

well today i wanted to go to the grocery store and after my mom gave me a hard time about not having money and me saying that i cant eat ur good nemore its killin gmy stomach she gave in. i was gonna drive myself but she said that i would lose my parking spot outfront so she said she would take me. so we went tot he bank and 2 different grocery stores for i could find what i needed

at shoprite got

*3 pears

*bunch of bananas

*bag of frozen asparagus

*2 bags forxen green beans

*2 bags frozen brocolli

*box of low sugar maple and brown sugar oatmeal

*loaf od pepperdige far light extra fiber wheat bread(40 cals per slice)

2nd store stop and shop

*2 boxs v8 soup-tomoato herb, brocolli

*can low sodium chicken noodle soup

*can chickne and rice soup

*can cream of celery soup

all pretty much low cal more sodoium then i wanted but i dont really have a choice iwill just have to cut my sodium down in everything else cause i do like my soup espeically since its getting colder

so my job interview today was for this season job at the mall this kitchen sometihng store idk the exact name but they want to b permenmant there as well so yeah idk. the laady was nice and shes like ur doen with school im like yeah im def done with shcool shes like u look so young im like im 24 shes like o. the problem is its retail which i hate and she said its businnes casual so i cant wear sneakers. its gonna b hell fo rme beginning on my feet all day in dressy shoes i got knee and back issues. she also said my earrings might b a problem. but she said that she really liked me but she didnt make the final decision. but if i get a final interview they will go over all the policies that if its just seasonal my earrings might b ok. i told her i want $8.25 an hour i cant really make ne less then that so we will c.

i also go ta call today from a temp agency i applied at they do temp jobs and temp to hire jobs and all that. the lady i talked to was extermely nice over the phone. i told her that ih ad an interview today and apossible full time job in the works. so she said she would take my info put me in the comptuer and if for some reasons those jobs dont work out i can call them and they can help me find a job. she asked y i wasnt at my former job and i told her y and shes like well that sucks after 4 years thats suck. so yeah i really liked her and she was really nice

i find it funny that im like dieing inside but i can fake confidence and happiness so well its crazy its like i flip a switch im comletly depressed and down and hating myself and then as soon as im in an interview or something its like time to fake pull the switch and im happy go lucky confident person which is nuttin how i really am

i didnt exercise today and i fill like a fat ass blimp i def gotta get mysuelf to the gym tomm as much as idont wanna b around ppl i gotta go tomm

after my job interview i went to walmart i hate walmart but they have a better diet pill selection then target. i just wanted to get some cleanse pills or fulsh pills target doeant have those so i got

*flinestone sour gummy vitamins

*fiber gummies


*flush the fat internal flush

*tic tacs

the flush the fat is u take 3-6 pills every nite b4 bed so i will keep u guys updated on how they work

i hope they help withe the bloating cause no matter what i eat im so bloated even more with the dairy its like my sotmach cant handle nething nemore

food log
*caffeine free orange hot tea

*blueberry bagel-250
*cup tomato herb soup-90


*2 slices light wheat bread-80

*2 liters of water

ash- i would go get a fullu workup i jsut cant right now no insurance no job no money but mom did say that as soon as i get insurance im going to the docs and getting my stomach checked

skinney_el-thanx hunny im hanign in the best i can


  1. whats wrong with earrings, do you have gages? I hope you get the job!!! I know what you mean about the switch thing, its like your one person in your head and another person on the outside

  2. you have a great shopping list, we like a lot of the same things. i should really get more soup, though, because it's filling and low-cal.

    can't wait to hear how the flush the fat works! i love pill reviews.

    crossing my fingers and hoping you get the job!

  3. Hey hun (: I'm glad you were able to get your own foods!
    I have the switch thing - had it for about 8 years now due to depression and the last year or two from ED too ): I wish i could give you advice but i have found no way to stop it randomlly switching! If you do, let me know!
    I wish you the best of luck with the job(s) !
    Stay strong xox

  4. I'm really hoping that you get the job! You deserve it, lovely!