Tuesday, October 5, 2010


so CE asked and im sure the rest of u are wondering too about my stats sorry i havent posted them ive been scared to step ont he scale but i finally did i didnt measure though just scale. so im 100 lbs bmi 16.6
i want double digits really soon and they better come soon

wow guys i am tired. i worked on my room from 10am-615pm and im still not done i sitll have a few more things to do. but damn was it alot of worked that involved carrying 4 bins of clothes upstairs. and moivng my bins in the hallway into my room.
the first thing i did wa smy clothes i took thema ll out and seperated them into dressy clothes, long seeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, graphic tees, and tanks. then i seperated each of them into colors. yes im crazy and i have ocd and i color coded my clohtes so my closet is nice and organzied now. it goes from dressy to long sleeve shites. to tees to tanks. and each lil section is color colded from dark to light. i put my graphic tees, my sweaters, and all my workout clohtes on a shelf in my closet. idk how i didnt fall while i was doing that cuase i was standing on my bed reaching over but i didnt fall yay me.

then i got out all my books and damn do i have alot of books. i realized i was missing one the first book of the rachel morgan seris my kim harrison idr if i lent it out or not but i dont have it and im not happy about that. so my books took up 2 and half drawers of my dressser and yes they are organized a certain way as well. first drawer is all my sci fi fanstay series books so they are alphabetised my author and within the author the series are set up in order form first to last.
the second drawer is my pll and gossip girl series followed my memiors, literature and novles and that contines til i fill got them all in. but im happy with the way i organized them.

then we went to my dvd tv series which are of course in abc order and the series are in order as well :) now i do my dvds differenly if i have mulitple movies with the same actor or actress then they stay together. like i have practically every kristen stewart movie(cause shes amzing) so those are one clump and they are buy year and so one if took me awhile to do that cuase i got lots of movies and sometimes its hard to find they year on them

i was so tired by the end of that they i just put my cds in any whihc way i will re do them tomm i still got one bin to do and i gotta oragnize alot more stuff but i was just so tired and exhausted i had to stop i kept almost falling over every thing and almost twisting my ankle my nials are all chipped from moving everying and i got scraps on my hands as well but hey price u pay

at one point my mom walked in with a bowl of skittles and handed it to me saying here u need energy and no theres no dairy in it so yeah i ate skittles and thena few spoons of ice cream i needed a sugar rush

so idk how muvh i burned today but hopefully it was enough to burn off what i ate i think it was cause im still so tired and my dinner didnt pick me up at all

food log
hot choc-65

while doingmy room from 10-615
*few spoons of ice cream-?

*2 slices dry wheat toast-180
*can of bumble bee white albacore in water tuna-120

*cup of hot orange tea
*2 liters of water

so ima read for an hour then watch one tree hill
as for a snakc tonite idk if ima have one im kind craving a bagel so mayb i will let myself have one of those idk yet we will c


  1. skittles=amazing. too amazing for calories in my own twisted world ^^ lol i wish.

    and omg. i'm so jealous i NEED bmi 16! you go chica XD

  2. wow 100 lbs and a bmi of 16.6! freaking awesome girlie!

    and hey, with all the moving around you did today fixing up your room i bet you'll be in double digits very soon!

    keep it up!

  3. Good for you Dani. I'm sure you'll be under 100 in no time! I can't wait to get back to that!
    All your cleaning and organizing! I'm impressed. I need to get some serious stuff done at my place!

  4. We'll hit the double digits together!!

    Want to come clean my room? ;D