Saturday, October 2, 2010

new pics and how date nite went

took this one today after my breakfast workout and my shower

collar bones like a week ago

so date nite we didnt do much he went tothe high school football d=game b4 hand so we didnt go out til about 930pm. we just ended up going to ruby tuesdays. and on their menu they have this fit and trim thing its pretty much meals that are under 700 cals so i stuck to that . i got the lowest thing there well almost one thing was lower but it was fish and i hate fish. so i got the vegetarian pasta. it has a red pepper tomato sauce which kille dmy acid reflux but hey lesser cals so i can deal with that. it was 487 cals all together and i ate about a third of it so 162.3 for that. he asked if i wanted dessert im like i though i wasnt suppose to eat junk. hes like u can eat junk with me cause when ur with me nuttin else matters. so thats the plan for now on ima not eat ne junk food during the weeks no cookies or brownies or ice cream and just eat dessert with him on fridays. so my dessert was the blondie for one. they have it for one or for 2 but he didnt want ne so blondie for one. its a vanilla brownie with chunks of choc in it and a scoop of vanilla ice cream drizzeld in caramal. the description didnt say it had caramel on it so i coudlnt get it without since i didnt know. but i looked up the cals for that today adn 625 cals ugh crazy ass desserts at restraunt.

i ended up taking the rest of my pasta home with me he wanted to stop at burger king and get me the side salad as well for i would have food for tomm(today). but i told him the pasta would b enough. hes so worried that im not eating enough. the side salad from bk is really good though thats what i usually get when he makes me eat fast food. its just plain simple side salad.

while we wre eating dinner he asked what ive been eating lately whihc lead to the he wanted to buy me a salad convo. but i told him that mom just bought me a big bag of green apples and she got some lettuce so i can make salads out of that. itoldhim i ate all the green beans but mom has other veggies i can eat and i got granola bars. just cause i dont have alot of food doesnt mean im not eating. im eating about 600 cals a day lately and im fine with that.

today im lettin gmyself have up to 1000 cals though cuase for some reason saturdays i tend to eat more idk during the week i dont feel hunger im fine i have breakfast at 7 lunch at 1 and dinner at 6 and then sometimes a snack b4 bed or inbetween it depeinds on my heart. so today 1000 cals then tomm is back to 600. i will have the rest of the pasta for dinner witha piece of bread and mayb some popcorn later.

so yesterday cal total came to about 1,072 cals

today so far ive had
*bran flakes-90

*chips-i was munching on them so idk the exact cal count

*2 cups of tea-peppermint and oragne
*half a liter of water

*65 min elly random hill workout level 10- 437 cals burned
*65 min elly level 5-440 cals burned


  1. Omg I am so jealous of your abs!

    I need to learn how to force mself to burn more calories in exercise... :P


  2. i'm jealous of your stomach, it's so flat! and i think we have the same phone lol!

    holy crap that dessert had a lot of cals! still, i wouldn't worry too much about it, with your exercise habits it's like it never even happened!

    keep up the good work!

  3. that stomach is perfect. i like the tattoo.
    what specific things do you do to tone your midsection?

  4. You are so beautiful Dani!

  5. omg hawwwt! i am ridiculously jealous of ur 6 pak!!!! how do you do it?!

  6. I'm sooooo jelous of your body!
    Damn you! (; hehe xx

  7. Hey there,
    thanks so much for the comment, I only just read it.
    Great pic - your stomach is so toned! What do you do?
    Well manoevered on the date, I've been known to blow diets majorly when in the company of hot guys (hot guys make me binge? okay how weird am i?)

    Peppermint tea = tha bomb, taste good, keeps away hunger. Perfect to battle nighttime cravings ^^

  8. fo shiz those abs are like awesome.

  9. Your stomach is soooo perfect and toned!!