Friday, October 22, 2010



im still 102 lbs ew yes i weighed myself today ugh
i got so many layers on in that pic a tank top then a sweater thena tshirt over top of that and then the hoodie and then there will b ajoacker as well im b outside today so i need to b bundled up its suppose to drop in the 30's today cold im cold already and it didnt even drop yet

i went shopping wiht my mom today and she bought me things she acutally bought me more then i asked for yesterday and then complained about the bill but then when she got home said it was ok i needed it so i got
*bag of apples
*bag of celery
*bag of carrots
*1 red bell pepper
*bundle of asparagus
*can tomato soup
*can of chicken noodle soup
*box sodium free chicken buillion packetts
*box of special k cinnaomon pecan cereal
*box of bran flakes
*2 bags of the tofu shirataki noodles
*1 onion
*chicago fire mustard
*bannana nut muffin

some of those things are used for the soup i made so yeah but she offered to get me the extra things so yeah i said ok she always bought me the muffin but i didnt eat it i havent throw up today and i wanted to keep it taht way so i kept it for tomm.

today all i had was some pretzels dipped in chicago mustart and cup of chicken broth sodium free. also had half liter of water and vitamin water 0

im going witht he boy tonite to a high school football game an then we are going out to eat so.
but love u all
o and i'll post the recipe for my new soup tomm


  1. can i steal your legs? k cool thanks! :P
    hope it all goes incredibly well with the boy!!

  2. Glad you got what you needed (: Best of luck tonight! I hope it goes really well for you hun! xox

  3. You always have the cutest outfits!

  4. You are unbelievably pretty ♥

    The cold is the worst, it's like there is no warmth within the bones and it's like freezing from the inside out. Wrap up warm sweetie kay?

    Good luck with football game, be strong, you can handle it ^^