Saturday, October 9, 2010


so the football game last nite was a huge blow out 75-0 us yup that was the score by the 2nd quarter half the jv team was in and by the 3rd quarter the hole jv team was in and the other team still coudlnt score ha shows how much they sucked. i was ok in the beginning but i started getting really cold by half time i bought a sweatshirt with me but i was still cold but i sucked it up. we did leave after the 3rd quarter though cause the game was just so boring we kept zoning out well im always zoning out but still.

after the game we went to red robin hes pick he always picks and i wasnt gonna argue i love their apple harvet chicken salad so good. but he ordered mozzy sticks for an appetizer i had 1 but he made me eat another one saying that i had to eat 2 just 2 i didnt have to have nething else. i go tmy apple harvert chicken salad i got it with out the cheese and the dressign on the side the website says it comes with bread but it never acutally comes with it. but i went on the website u can customize ur meals there so i got my salad with out cheese without bread and with otu the dressing( i get it on the side and barely eat it neway) so the cals for the salad with out the stuff is 317 cals not bad for a salad. and i pretty much only ever eat the apples and the chicken out of it. i eat al il of the lettuce and a few of the almonds but not much. i was feeling really sick cause really my stomach cant handle much nemore but i got dessert to make him happy. i always get the hot apply crips there with out the caramel the cals on the website said 784. i never eat it all and i get it without the caramel i was in even more pain after that u have no idea.

between my acid reflux the fact my stomach doesnt like diary or ne food in general yeah. i told him about my stomach issues lately hes like y is it so bad now im like idk but he said oncei get insurance im gettingeverything checked and he means everything hes like just in case something happens ur getting everything which means dentist, eye doctor and then normal doctor for all of my many issues. told him that my leg isnt doing good again either he just told me to becaure with it which i am well sorta im stillworking out but thats cuase i have to but i ice it more so yeah.

we endedup falling alseep early again last nite well i was just in pain and curled up in a ball when we finally got home. on the drive home it was so bad i actally threw up a lil in my mouth but i had to swallow it(i know gross) bu ti was driving so i couldnt really throw up and drive at the same time.

im still stuck at 100 lbs ugh this is getting ridc can i just get to double digits already like enough of this being stuck in triples its annoying and just not right.

i was playing around on the chilli's webiste today cause he mentioned that he wanted to go there again sometime we havent been there in awhile. bu ti did find what i would eat when we go. i would get a cup of chicken and green chilli soup(120) and carribean salad with grilled chicken and their giultless dressing(550) of course u know i wont eat all of it cause i never do. but thats the plan for whenever we go there again. the sodium is more then im suppsoe to have c im not suppsoe to eat nething with more then 500 mg of sodium in it and those are a lil higher but its a restruarnat so i really cant do nething about that.

i did go tot he gym today did my 65 min on elly go ta few bad pains in my knee when i was doing it but its ok it didnt give out on me today whcih is a good thing. but i read for the full hour while i was working out. im almost done reading "smashed" i cant wait to finsih it the book is so good :)

so yeah im sitting here wathcing the travel channel they have a marathon of their paradise shows so yeah so far ive watched breakfast paradise, steak paradise, sandwhcih paradise. yes i wathc alot of food shows i normally wathc the food network but here wasnt nething good one. yes u might think im weird for watching food shows all the time but i like them so o well

i should b applying for jobs yeah didnt get around to that yet but i will ive just been reading fanfics and watching tv a lil of a bum today.
i did get a rejection letter today. u guys remmber that interview i had ahwile ago at the bank well they finally let meknow. she said it was nice getting to know me but they offered the job to some1 with more experience and more qualified and that they had accepted.

so thats job is out its like how do ppl expect me to have experince if no1 will give me a chance to get that experince ugh so frustarting

food log so far

*apple sauce-60

*apple w cinnamon-65
*salad-lettuce(20), tomato(15), peppers(10) pickle(0)

*pretzels-not sure of the cals they are my safe food so when i get munchies i have some

*liter half water
*cup of tazo caffeine free orange tea

dinner im thinking some sort of veggies with some dry toast
and i will b dirnking more i haven tbeen dinrking enough lately so i need to get on that

bellana-thanx hun o im sorry that u havent had a good week either but we will start doing better the wrist is doing better i popped it back in its just a lil sore

ash-i dont c my legs beign that small they look huge to me but thanx. and me staying off my leg thats funny

skinnyrose-thanx hun and yeah dates are hard but ive been with him for 7 yrs heknows about me ed so friday is the time when eh makes me eat a good nomral meal cause app i need it

acka11-thanx hunn

ana-thanx i like the outfit too i like dressing differnt then most ppl


  1. haha i thought i was the only one who obsessively checked calories at every single restaurant!

    and i know what you mean about the food shows, i love them. I also love to cook XD

  2. I love reading about your life, its interesting to me. Great job on the intake today. I can't believe you're surviving eating out that much. You're doing a better job that I would be doing! Kudos! Much love to you, girl!

  3. Yeah, finding a job can be so frustrating! You just gotta hang in there.