Monday, October 25, 2010


guess who wasnt running back and forth to the bathroom today yup me fuck yes thank fucking god my head wsnt stuck in the toilet and i wasnt shitting my brains out either thank fucking god. can this please keep going cuase im likeing it.

i felt a lil nasouses today and i did have lil stomach pains but that wasnt nuttin to waht i have been feeling.
my chest has been bothering me alot today my sternum and my acutal heart but im dealing with it when my heart hurt to bad or botherd me too badi ate soemthing and it acutally helped so thats a good thing there. i just got over my last heart bothering almost passing out spell so im all good now.

i wanna know y im so damn itchy all the fucking time im fine in the morning i dont start getting itchy til at nite like it cant b dry skin cause i put lotion on everyday but it seemsl ike every ntie im just itchy as fuck its annoying. rightnow its my back thats driivng menuts i was just laying down so idk if thats y or not o well i will deal with it.

i applied to 3 jobs today 2 for macys and one for old navy. im starting to freak out idk how ima pay my november bills so im going crazy and stressing its like y cant some1 just give me a job already im a good person a hard worker and a fast learner im like the ideal employee so y doesnt neone want me ugh.

got an email today my new phone comes tomm thank fucking god i miss that fucker so yay i get it tomm i cant wait i hate this razor phone so damn annoying.

i was planning on going to target sometime this week to get a shit ton of drinks but idk if i should i ahve no money and my credit cards are just going higher a higher so i shoudlnt use them so i use i will just dealw ith the stuff i have idk or mayb i will go alwways need drinks.

i went to the gym today i did 65 min on elly just the manual one level 5 :) i made it to 50 minutes b4 my chest started really hurting the nasoua hit but i finished up the workout had some water and a stick of gym and i was ok then i ate a lil sometihng when i got home it dulled the pain :)

food log
*maple and brown sugar oatmeal
*handful bran flakes

*cup tomato salsa soup
*6 asparagus spears

*salald(lettuce, peppers, pickle, cucumber)
*baked potato

snacks thru out the day
*3 handful pretzels
*jelly beans

*huge mug of cal tazo tea
*vitamin water 0
*3 liters of water

i just finished my 3rd liter so ima about to go grab antoher bottle
im planning on having an apple and some hot choc for an snack b4 bed if i dont fall asleep

tomm im finally goign to try those tofu noodles they look good so hopefullly they are good
im also wokring on a new soup recipe the 2 that i have psoted b4 i found online but im working on make my own

acka11- ha ur righti didnt think about the fiber thing b4

because i love who i can become- nope no tablet or pill ornething just sick app my stomach just cant handle much nemore susprislngly imnot losing i think im just too dehyradted and retaining water and stuff

pixiestix014- omg play dough i havent played with playdough in awhile i so need to get msyelf some of that

campaign for slim-im not acutally pruging per say my body isj ust rejecting things yay for coloring in the lines

skinny_el- yeah see i cant draw or paint or nething like that but i love to color and i love me some photoshop im working on getting better

mich-well aoo both our stomachs suck huh i hope that ur feeling better today o i wanna do paint by number


  1. Ohh, those noodles sound good! Let us know how the recipe goes, I want to try cooking!

  2. YAY! For not being sick! I know you were getting tired of dealing with the toilet!

  3. I'm so glad you're feeling better!!! I was ok-ish today, but tummy pains were kind of bad. My own darn fault for eating crap! Have you tried calamine lotion, or just straight up aloe for your itchy skin? I get the aloe in Wal-Mart--it comes in a big jug, and it smells kinda nasty but really helps with the itches.

  4. yay! im glad you did better today =) and ive also had the itches! it sucks! im trying to get a job too, i applied for k-mart and walmart and am also applying to macy's. i hope we both get jobs!

  5. I'm glad things are getting better. You deserve to feel good, babe.

  6. Good luck for the jobs search - you should be employed, you're an amazing person ♥

  7. that sucks. Losing weight would have made it all much more bearable and worth while!
    hope you get well soon.