Monday, October 4, 2010


so my uncle talked to hes boss today about me. and it looks promising. my uncle told him that i had an associates degree in accounting and he was like escatic . it'll b a few weeks he said but hes boss should b calling me soon. appartenly some1 is leaving the admin building soon so thats good for me. my uncle is a paramedic for this company and hes trying to get me into the billing deptarment. so hopefullythis alll works out cause i really need a job.

yesterday i filled out an online applicatin for a temp agency but now thati might ahve this coming i cant take a temp job cause they could b months at a time and u go to finish them no matter what. like if they have a week thing or a few day job then i could do that

ims till waiting to here backf rom the jobs i applied to for. apparently the grocery store will hire neone so lets hope that everyone includes me as well. so i figured if i do get one of those jobs and teh job with my uncle i can work both for a while and getm y head above water. just work the part time job around the job with my uncle.

i know im crazy for working 2 jobs but i have done it b4 while going to school full time so i know what toexpect iknow that iw ill tired and run down but it will give me less time to eat which is always good.

i kinda came up with a plan on how to pay my bills this month. c my one credit card has a cashback bonus and u can use it at ne atm that takes that card. so i was thinking i would do that i can take up to $400 out and that would help me alot. if iget a job soon i wont need to do that but if i have to i can do that

so tommi get to put my room back together finally c ive been leaving outof bins for god months now idk how many months but way to many. but im not gettign bit nemore and i havent gotten bitin awihle so my scum bag neighbors most of finally gotten rid of their problem which makes me very happy. so tomm in stead of going tot he gym ima put my room back togehter turst me that will b a work out allon its own i got alot of books and movies and misc stuff to organize and then i gotta carry my 4 clothes bins that are downstairs upstairs and sort them out and hang then up and everything. my dresser is now going to be my book shelf i know u can call me weird for that but i dont have money for a proper bookshelf and im tired of having my books everyhere so dresser it is. c i can keep my wokrout clothes and sweats and stuff in bins in my closest and i can hang everything else up so my dresser will b free.

so my gym has tvs on all the cardio machines and since it use to b amovie theater they kept one of theaters as a movie room were u can work out in. so every day they play a moive same movie all day u can either watch itin the room or theres a special channel on the tvs on the machines that u can watch it on. normally the moives are good but todaythe movie of the day was TWILIGHT. i love that movie im addcited so i extended my workourt an hour just for i could watch the hole thing god love it

and i really cant wait til ihave money fori can go shopping. my moms food is killing me thank god today i found some veggies that i coudl eat yesterday i had to eat fries and fried chicken i wasin so much pain. c my sotamch cant handle grease or dairy or white bread or nehting acidic i know ima mess. but once i get money ima get myself some oatmeal(its cold here now need oatmeal to warm me up), bread(the kind that i can acutally eat), lots of fruits and lots ofo green beans, salad stuff, adn mayb some soy bars and some dairy free ice cream. iknow it will b awhile b4 i have money but thats the plan

food log
*1 slice italian bread toasted dry-80(yes its white bread and it hurt)

*salad-lettuce(20), tomato(15), peppers(10) pickle(0) squirt italina dressing(10)-55
*can of campbells select light southwestern veggie soup- 100

*few chips-75
*canberry raspberry applesauce-60
*califronia blend veggies-105

ima have this snack at 9pm if i end up falling asleep and missing the time i will just have an apple(65) instead but plan is

*hot choc-65
*sf jello-20

*2 cups tea- orange and peppermint
*2 and half liters of water

*65 min elly random workout level 10-440 cals burned
*65 min elly level 5-437 cals burned

ha love all ofu guys
mich-running at 3 in the morning crazy no getting eaten by nething
anna-wow we were alike there damn
ana-omg i know mine does it as well in the middle of txting or calling i could just set it down and it turns off fuck me i gotta wait til june til my contract is up then ima get the iphone verizon should have it by then


  1. What are your stats right now? You never post them anymore. Good luck with the job with your uncle. Sounds like it would be a really good move for you! And Twilight (movie) is great! The books are just AMAZING!

  2. Good luck gorgeous! I really hope that you get the job.
    I loveee Twilight. People always pay me out about it, so I keep it secret. :)

  3. haha that sounds cool that your gym plays movies! at my gym some of the treadmills have little tvs in the dashboard and they get cable! the problem is the gym is always so busy at like 8-10 when all the best tv shows are on!

    wishing you lots of luck for the job!