Sunday, October 17, 2010


well ij ust got home from my aunts house well really i got home an hour ago but i was talking to my mom and then reading all the updates for the blogs i follow so yeah but im updating now.

i got to my aunts house at 11am and left at 430pm so i was there for a good amount of time. and god the kids so cute so tiring but so cute and adorable an dilove them somuch u have no idea :). and its a good workout taking care of a 10 month old and 1month old at the same time. my aunts like idk what i would of done without u. im like im use to this im always taking care of at least 2 kids at a time its nuttin for me. it really is i can have one kid on my hip another walkiing beisdes me and getting food ready for them at the same time. u learn to mutli task when u have 2 young ones to watch.

i spent most of the time on the couch holding the 1 month old god new born babies to just smell so damn good i love the smell and no its not weird they really to smell good. another part of my time was spent chasing after the 10 month old that lil bugger can run and run good so its alway back and forth up and doen the hall then up and down in my arms. he likes to cuddle alot so some of the times he just wants to b held and nuttin else.

nuttin like significant happened or nething it was just me and teh kids taking care of them jsut hanging out and playing with them. iim really sore and tired and its making my body hurt even worse but i knew that was gonna happen.

my aunt insisted on buying me lunch of course she was just gonna get us a pizza but i had to remind her that i cant do pizza so i just got a small grilled chicken ceaser salald dressing on the side. i took care of the kids myself while my aunt and her son (my cousin hes 13) ate and then he took like new born and the 10 month old pretty much sat by me while i ate my salad slowly an di mean slowly. my stomach and still all skittish from friday so i have to b ecareful i did the fork dipping trick for my dressing ad even just that lil bit of food made my stomach hurt so bad bu ti didnt say nething to my aunt cause i dont want ppl worrying about me. i know hot to b in pain butnot show it so thats what i did.

she also slwasy has candy out like mike and ikes jelly beans u know that knd of stuff so i had a small handful of jelly beans and a small handful of candy corn. then i tried these 2 lil pieces fo choc bad i dea though my sotmach is in nots right now from it.

but i did have a nice talk with my uncles hes having issues with milk as well and there iscertain things he can eat i cant like he can have bread with milk in it i cant cause it hurs but he said the only ice cream he can eat is mint choc chip. and thats one of my fav so i think i might try that sometime just to c how it goes u know like i hope to god i dont puke blood again but hey we will never know until u try.

b4 i went i had a biscuit my mom made for dinner yesterday i just grabbed it real quick b4 i walked out of the door. and when i got home i didnt feel like making enthing so i just grbbed another biscuit and jsut heated up a lil bit of potates and some garlic noodles. my stomach hurts from it cause the noodles were cooked in butter and the potates were fried i should of just took the time to make something ugh learned my leasson though.

i got a huge cup o decaf chai hot tea sittingin front of me it taste so good and yummy

oo yeah on another note my aunt works for just born and she gets all this sutff at discounted rates so shes alwasy has a shitload of shit at her house and evertime u visist she sned u home with alot of stuff and today was no differeent.
for my mom she got a huge bag of peanut chews
my sis got a fuck ton of mike and ikes
and i got these

* ahuge ass bag of jelly beans(she knows i am powerless when it comes to jelly beans
*3 snack size bagsof wheat pretzels(theya rent form just born but she had them so gave them to me
*then peeps(she read the labels no milk so fuck me)

im prob spending soem time with my sis tomm she goes back to school on tuesday mom mentioned that she wanted to ask me to go tot he mall with her to go to strawberry i abs love taht store and ihave no money but knowing me i will use my credit card and get a few things they have great stylish things for not that expensive which i love :)

ima spend the rest of the nite just relaxing my body hruts so bad from lifting the kids up and down my chest my ribs my back im still in alot of pain from friday and i didnt lseep much alst nite cuase when i layed down it made the pain worse at one point i coudlnt even lay on my bed i had to lay on top of my pillows on top of my bed and that only gave some relief so yeah it fucking sucks but nuttin i can do about it til my body deicded it wants to stop hurting

ash- hey hun dont worry about me im fine im still alive and i know i should go to the docs but i dont have the money ims ure if i vomit blood againt he boy will drag me to the hospital so no worries there

mich-ha ur nuts and it makes me love u even more im the same way i will tell ppl to go tot he doctors all the time but i will never go myself so dont worry im a hyprocrtie as well. and i am im drinking alot and taking it easy yesterday i drank 3 liters of water and 32 fl oz bottle of powerade 0 so yeah an dima stop the dairy as much as i can to avoid the blood from happening


  1. haha its awesome that you love kids so much! my sister is ten years younger than me and she gets on my nerves so bad, and i don't like kids all that much to begin with but i wish i could be like u XD i'm trying though today i took her shopping and we made cake ^^ go peeps.

  2. jelly beans, oh noes! my weaknes is turkish delight, which my sister gave to me the other day. bitch :P
    I like kids when the get to about 3 years old. Babies with their crying and poing just doesnt do it for me lol. xo

  3. sounds like you had some fun, and avoided the bad pizza food!

    it's so hard to say no when people give you candy! i'm nervous about halloween candy in a few weeks.

  4. Aww, little kids are totally cute! I love babies!

  5. Not weird at all--newborns do smell really nice. Glad you're relaxing. Kids can really take it out of you. :/

  6. Wow, you really must be good with kids if you can wrie so much about them! Haha, my evaluation of a day with kids is usually: 'cute', 'annoying' or 'never wanna see that brat again'
    Thanks for thinking about me though. I've gotta feeling this new plan's gonna get me where I'm going.

    I'm no doctor, but vomiting blood sounds REALLY serious - you think it's the dairy? I know dairy's bad, so my 2-cents is 'stay away from it', but I've never known it to cause SUCH ill effects... Hope all is better!