Sunday, October 24, 2010


so i spend way to much time in the bathroom i either got my head in the toilet puking my brains out or im on the toilet shitting them out. go di hate my stomach idk what is wrong with its lik bam all of a sudden im sicker then i have been ina while.

i didnt vomit today mainly cause i didnt have ne dairy i found out that when i throw up its usually from dairy.

well well since i didnt vomit i shit everything out. idk what caused that i still havent figured that out. at least when i do it that way i have nice flat stomach vomiting makes me so bloated.
so my stomach is nice and flat at the moment thank god. bu tim tired of running tothe bathroom so can itjust stop already

today wasnt very interesting at all sundays i never do much. i spent most of my day coloring in my coloring books. yes im 5 years old and i love to color. it calms me my head is clear and its just nice. after i finsih a pic i rip it outof the book and hang it on my wall yeah my wall is getting nice and covered between today and last nite. i colored alot last nite while i was waiting for the boy to come over at ther bar needless to say he didnt and i didnt hear from him either.

im guessing he just went home and went to sleep he had a bad week so mayb he just drank to much. idk im not gonna say nething i dont need him mad at me hes laready not happy that im so sick all the time.

so today i just colored and read fanfics online. i tried to job search but my head just wasnt in it at all so yeah that didnt work i will work out that tomm. also got a shit ton of crunches in as well

no news on my phone its gone ugh fucker can they just give me my damn memory card back for i can have my pics. but i looked online tracking when my replacemtn phone will b here an di should have it by tuesdays. got i hope so i hate the phone i have now. im so use to txtingon a full keyboard that txting normnally is just so werid and it takes me longer but my new phone will b here soon.

o i also got bored today and gave myself a haircut yes i know u can all call me crazy cutting my own hair and shit but it acutally turned out good and even. i just shortened it cause all my ends were dead and i added some layers. i would but a pic up but really i dont wanna put my face here. like i trust all my followers i just dont trust neone else so yeah no face pic and plus im ugly ne way so it would prob scare u all.

my lists are going good. coming along nicely. this is what i got so far. the safe list is food that dont make me sick at all well really just a lil sick the inbetween list is ones that hurt like hell but i dont throw up and then the unsafe list is the foods that i will def with out a doubt throw up ok enough babbling list times

*jelly beans
*carrott red pepper blended soup
*red wine vinager dressing
*chicago fire mustard

*tomato salsa soup
*keebler crackers
*tuna-white albacore
*baked potato
*chiken broth
*burger king fries
*burger king side salad no cheese
*italian dressing

*choc chip cookies
*paramessan cheese
*v8 broccolli soup
*banana nut muffin
*ice cream
*butter margarine

so yeah there are my lists they will keep growing though as i figure things out
tomm im thinking ima try and go to the gym maybe i will just walk on the treamdill again just to b on safe side

beskinny-thanx hun b grateful it didnt happen to u today i just pretty much hid in my room

ce-thanx for giving me ur number again and it suck that ppl steal phones like are they that cheap that they cant buy their own

sarah-thanx hun im thinking karma isjust kickin my ass at the moment

pixiestix014-wait u srsly lost 8 phones wow damn sorry. righ tnow im partail to the mixed berry one

mich-yeah i know im crazy but i have issues with sitting still so even when im sick i wanna keep moving even if its hard to move im crazy like that o and dinner stayed down thnk god


  1. omg im seriously going to get a colouring book. i am possibly the most childish person you will ever meet so that hobby sounds awesomely cool. it sounds like your safe foods have a lot of fibre in them and that might be the reason of your shitty problem. take care. xo

  2. hi hunni,tha colouring book thing is not lame. Its cool.
    The being sick thing is not cool. I sit a tablet you have taken or are you just sick?
    Since the side effects as sick as this may sound , seems like an helping hand in losing weight! I wont mind!

  3. A coloring book in awesome... Im jealous really. mmm mixed berry :)
    I love the smell of crayons... And play dough... I still play with play dough so I get the amazingness in children toys.
    At least ur tummys flat lucky girl!

  4. I love colouring in! I was always totally proud i stayed between the lines :) anyway its good you didn't purge today, i always always purge when i have ice cream and get that i-need-to-puke feeling after milk. Must be the dairy.

    Anyway think thin, flat stomach!
    xx Claude

  5. I think the colouring in book is great hehe! I draw but colouring in is so thereputic for me too! Keep it up! Glad you got your safe foods sorted and i'm sorry to hear that you're puking and the other thing! I hope it gets better for you! I hope you get better with it all hun, take care and stay strong! xox

  6. I was running back and forth to the bathroom with you.... Yay for flat tummies!

    You're never too old for colouring books. I do paint-by-numbers, too.