Wednesday, October 27, 2010


so i startred off my day by eating 6 ounces worth on apples and then another 10 min dry heaving into the toliet so just a lovely way to start off my day

last nite i didnt feel good at all as u all know from my scary experince i just layed there after in my own lil world watch oth, life unexpected, 16 and pregnant and then ace of cakes. i felt off all nite but i though sleep would help well of ocurse sincei never acutally sleep much it didnt help to much apparently. i ended up evenutally just alying there with my ipod on drifting in and out of sleep which is normal for me.

when i woke up i was acutally feeling ok my heart was ist noraml 60 bpm self and i didnt feel like i was dying so i go downstairs with my tea bags and apples. i cut up my apples while my tea is making come back upstaris weigh them to c exaclty how many cals they are and check my email and read blogs while im eating them. im all fine while im eating well a lil off but fine. after i finsihed i lay down to read a fanfic for ra lil b4 i go to the gym i got my tea mug in my hand and im half way thru when i get the horrible naousa feeling i run to the bathroom and just dry heave and spit nuttin acutally came out. but it made me feel so bad.

i was planning on going to the gym early for i could spend 2 hours straight walking on the treadmill and reading my book. well that didnt happen after the dry heaving stops i still dont feel well so i decide to just lay down and relax for a lil while dirnking some water it helped i didnt feel great but i felt good enough to go to the gym. so i spend an hour on the treadmill walking i need random hill workout level 7 for 65 mins. which burned 213 cals. but hey i got an hour of reading in and the book is good love it.

i decided b4 the gymt hat i was gonna go to target and get some water and soup sinc emy body isnt handing solids well so might as well jsut cut them out while we are at it. so at target i got
*12 pack poland springs
*2 boxes crystal light mix boxes- 1 normal 5 cal one and the other fitness electrolyte one 15 cals
*2 boxes of generic reduced sodium chicken broth
*3 reduced sodium soup at hand tomato
*2 light cans of southwestern veggies(for when im better with solids)
*container of sea salt cashews(got a really bad craving for them yesterday)
*1 bottle powerade 0
*2 three pakcs of the new extra dessert gum(had a coupon)

i wanted some more hot choc but target doesnt have ghiradelli hot choc but im going with my mom grocery shopping on friday so mayb i can convince her to buy me some hehe lets hope :)

so the food that didnt bother me today: cup chicken broth, cup of powerade 0, cup of carrot and red pepper soup, cup of tomato salsa soup.

food that made me just wanna puke or hurt to bad: cashews, pretzels and apples

so the plan for tommm is liquids water, soup, chicken broth, hot choc u know sutff like that. im tired of getting sick and i dont know how much more my body can take so i hope i dont throw up nemore. i might say i will die young but im not ready to die right now.

i weighed myself today it wasnt right in the moring it was after my apples, half cup of tea and some water. and also after my target trip, gym and shower it said 102 lbs. im i guess im between 100-102 lbs ugh can i just get to double digits all ready damn.

i decided tha tim also gonna get back on my board and get the damn thing all updated and everything damn i havent been on it since march bad bad board owner. and no guys its not an ana board its a kristen stewart board.

god im so hot right now like sweating ugh if im getting afever ima hurt some1

mich-thanx hun it was scary and thats saying sometihng coming from me

the next best thing- do u know what cased it or y it happened i would love some insight on it

pixistix014-its tencally not new new its sjust replcemtn so its the same phone i had but new i guess idk ha i love havin gmy phone back though i was hating my bros. yay for u getting a new phone what kind u gonna get?

skinny_el-u will love tormetn rust me im only a few chapters in and im hooked already uhave to let me know what u think when u fianlly do read it and happy early bday

believe-god i hope its nuttin serious either

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  1. Well it's sort of 'cause my body is used to eating tiny amounts of food, going without, or having it purged, so when I ate something normal, it couldn't handle it and I was sick for hours. It happened for about 3 weekends in a row, and it just got better on it's own. Poor you with the dry heaving, you just have to watch out with soup 'cause without solids you get down to throwing up bile pretty fast. I really hope your stomach gets better soon!