Thursday, September 30, 2010


so i acutally got a lecture on eating chocolate from the boy. u think he would b happy or proud of me for acutally eating soemthing that was bad for me yeah no i was wrong so i got a lecture.

hes like" choc has no nutriontal value at all u wont eat meat and u exercise so much and then u eat choc its bad for u u should b eating it u should b eating nutriontal stuff"

and then he said that i shouldnt b drinking tap water nemore cause thats bad for ur skin and then he got on b for my eating habits i told himi was eating and i was eating enough hes like what does that mean and im like am i eating yes do i eat like a normal person no and then ihad to tell him what i ate yesterday and he told me that i have to eat.

like i eat i do eat hell we all eat we jsut dont eat like a normal person would he wants me to go shopping with the money my mom gave me and getmsyelf some fruit and stuff buti cant cause i have to put that money in the bank for i can pay my bills well i cant pay my bills but ever dollar counts

today was spent in front of the computer its been raining and windy all day damn tropical storm so yeah i had to stay home.

and im tired of staring atm y computer screen and im tired of filing out applications bu ti had to do it.

i filled out 5 today and only got an immediate no from one so that was a good sign. they last one i did gave me a huge headache the assessment was like word problems and shit like that im not good at word problems at all like y do i have to know that to run a cash register at michaels idk i coudlnt tell me

i think ima just spend the rest of the day being lazy and laying aroundi m so tired i dont wanna move i was suppose to run in place for an hour today yeah i only made it 40 minutes hopefully the storm will b gone tomm and i can go tot he gym

food log

*cup of sodium free chicken broth-10


*2 small tomatoes cut up w garlic powder-30
*2 slices dry wheat toast-180
*sf jello-20

*2 and half liters of water
*vitman water 0
*cup of hot oragne caffeine free tea

*40 mins jogging in place- 244 cals burned

thanx guys u are all the best and i was working on cutting it all out completely itj ust gets expensive cause there is milk in wheat bread and granola bars there is milk in alot of things u wouldnt think of but im working on it right now sincei dont have money i have to eat the bread my mom has but ti doesnt hurt to bad it just kicks up my scid refluz buti dont get the stomach pain i woudl get feom say choc or ice cream

ash- hm i will have to look into that thanx

skeleton strong- i will def look into that thanx cuase the boy does make me eat ice cream but ima b a bitch and not eat ne junk cause of what he said


  1. i know its cuz he loves you an all, but he needs to back off! and dark chocolate is full of antioxidants XD

  2. omgg you are still inspiring lol i needdddd to get back on track like today my head has been screaming at me to come back to this way

  3. wait he makes you eat ice cream?? wtf...he seems kinda messed up, sorry...

    chocolate has antioxidants! so it does have a little bit of value - ana bodies need a lot of antioxidants! also, it contains my best friend: caffeine! haha and it is also proven to make ppl feel happier.

    and that tap water junk?? wtf?
    tap water is fine for you! in fact, it may even have minerals your body needs! drink tons and tons of water hun! its the best thing ever for you, and spending valuable money on overpriced bottled water is just plain dum.

    this boy sounds like he needs to vent but has no idea what he's talking about...

    good luck hun!!

  4. What a freakin' jerk your boy was being today. I'm sorry he said those things and gave you a lecture like that, hun. You so did not deserve that. If you wanted to spend your calories on chocolate than he has no say in that!

    Your intakes are beautiful. Keep up the good work. Stay strong and keep smiling. Much love from Isla Lynn sending your way!

  5. Why can't people just leave us alone sometimes?! And they make sodium free broth? I wonder if they make soduim free vegetable broth?
    *goes to Walmart and looks for it*

  6. He Sweety! Thanks for commenting!
    Intake looks great!

    LOVE, anna

  7. Just make sure you're looking after yourself, gorgeous. <3

  8. Kick him in the balls.
    Just kidding.
    But really. Sometimes other people, and I think especially males, do not have any idea of the effects of what they're saying. He probably just doesn't understand eating disorders in any way (and doesn't want to admit that you have one, at that) and therefore thinks he can help you by giving you a few nutrition tips.
    Well, if my boy ever says something like that, I'm just really blunt/honest, and say, "I can eat whatever I want," and leave it at that.
    And if he makes you eat ice cream, then he's the one being the hypocrite. He's not allowed to scold you about eating chocolate if HE makes you eat ice cream other times. Ahh!!

    Hope you have a better day today. Good luck getting a job. I know you can do it. It really helps to go in person and hound people on the phone, rather than filling out the Internet applications.