Friday, September 10, 2010


ok so ready to hear how my doc visit went

well it didnt go good at all damn doctor but neway the nurse called me back she didnt even weight me like they usually do so im guessing i dont look skinny enough or sick enough or thati still look the same when i was there a few months ago for my pheunmonia but whatever they didnt weight me.

the nurse took my bloodpressure though it was 150/80 then the doc came in and took it and it was 140/90 its suppose to b 120/80 which means i have hypertension stage 1 lovely

then the doc got started on my cholestrol no shock to me its high again but it was higher then it was last year so he accused me of not following the diet he put me on last year im like im following it hes like obv ur not and so u have to b stricter. then he accused me of drinking to much soda and coffee im like i dont drink soda or coffee then hes like tea im like yeah tea i have like 2 cups of tea a day hes like welll start drinking decaf then.

then hes like im givng u pamphlets and a new diet and u have to follow it no messing around follow it to the t and not come back to c me until u get insurance.

tehn he writes me a note for i can give it to planned parenthood for i can keep taking my birth control he wrote" may continue her birth contorl as long as she sticks to her low salt diet"

i tried to tell him i really dont eat that much salt but he didnt listen cause the results told him otherwise then im like my dad has the same issues and hes on medication and he goes well im not putting u on medication

well thanx doc arent u just lovely

so i was reading over the pamphlets
*my hypertension could cause tears in my arteries which then scar tissue forms over with then plaque forms over that which makes the passage way for blood smaller it puts pressure on my walls and that could cuase heart attack or stroke

*my high cholestrol could cause heart disease

so no wonder my heart has been bothering me alot lately

so the diet he put me on is a cholestrol and sodium restricted diet. it tells me all the foods im alllowed to eat and not allowed to eat and all that jazz it also gave me a sample food plan its so much food i'll type out the ideas they gave me for u gusy can c its suppose to b 1815 k cals

meal plan well one smaple menu they gave me
*half a grapefruit
*low cholestrol egg substitute
*2 slices whole wheat toast
*1 tsp margarine/jellly
*1 cup 1 percent milk

*3 oz salt free fat free chicken breast
*salt free fat free sweet potato
*salt free fat free green beans
*whole wheat bread w/ margarine
*iced tea

*1/2 cup salt free vegetable juice
*3 oz salt free fat free meatballs in salt free tomato sauce
*salt free fat free broccolli, spinach salad, 1 tbsp dressing
*garlic bread 1 tsp margarine
*fruit sorbet
*1 cup 1percent milk
* coffee or tea

that is an insane amount of food like fucking crazy amoutn and he is nuts if ima eat that much which im not not at all

i dont like redmeat nor doi like milk or coffee or sweet potatos

do ppl actually eat that much food in one day like really cause it just seems like so much to me idk if its just that my mind is so fucke dup from this ed that i cant comprehend eating that much like i know normaly ppl are suppose to eat like 2000 cals a day but do they eat that much in one sitting

im still gonna go vegan on monday well ima try to at least ima wrok on it i really want to and ive been watning to for a long time so ima give it a shot again ima still giv emyslef one free day a week which is fridays since we go out to eat

i have to read over the diet very careful and then apply the vegan rules

my mom bought me candy corn today which i already ate way to much of ugh damn things i only eat them during fall so i guess its ok

but i did eat a lil to much already today which im not happy about at all

i did go to the gym this morning though well after the docs i went on elly for 65 mins did the one hill work out and burnt 451 cals yay go me

and another realy good happy note is i got a job interview yay for me its monday morning at 10am its at one of the banks in town i woiuld b workng in the loan dept and its only part time so it would b tuesdays and fridays from 9-5 and then saturdays from 9-12. im excited and nervous at the same time

and i have no idea what to wear i dont have many dressy clothes and its getting colder buti was thinking this on dress i have is mustrad ywllo top with a black elastic band and then grey bottom so i was thinkng that with leggins underneath and this grey caragion thing on top to keep me warm do u guys thing that will b ok?

oo and i will post a picof what ima wear tonite later today when i actually get fully dressed in that outfit

love u all

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