Wednesday, September 8, 2010


so i went groacery shopping today u have no idea how hard it is to get what u need when u only have $20 normally i would just pick up what i needed and just use my credit card but i dont have that luxury nemore wiht me out of a job i have to b more careful with my money and i just cant use my credit card whenever i want. so i had $20 in cash yes thats all i had and thats alli will have untili get my unemploymnet ormy check from work he still owes me for the 2 days i worked so lets hope i acutally get that money. at the store i got:

*tea bags(green tea promgrante berry)

*turkey club pre made salad

*bag of 3 romaine hearts

*1 cucumber

*4 cans of bumble bee white albargue in water tuna


*2.69 lbs of bananas(they were 39 cents a lb so)

all that was $17 yes food adds up here. i really want grapes but they werent on sale adn they were 1.99 a lb so i coudlntget them its sad

while i was eating my salad i totally realized that i dont like turkey lunchmeat but i coudlnt waste it and thru it out cause that was $3 and those $3 could of been used on somethng else so i ate it i picked out the bacon that was in it though.

i manged to cut up my cantlope with out cutting myself thats a goodthing last time i cut myself trying to cut it but successi didnt and it was so juicy so yes go me i got a good one :)

my one coworker txted me today shes stillt here she only works 2 days a week just for some extra money cause she does have a real job as a dentist he just wanted to c how i was doing and all she said that the ass of a boss hasnt said nething about me but that shes glad i ahd an out and im not there nemore that i should take my time find what i really want to do to make my own path which is true. she doesnt wanna b there nemore either and shes planning on leaving within the year she also said that she missed me so i told her to txt me when hes not there and i will come up and visit her a lil :)

i ate to much already today but i got a new plan for tomm since i got allm y fruit and stuff now so heres the plan starting tomm


lunch-salad, soup or veggies

dinner-same as lunch

if iomeed a snack during the day somedays my heart is worse then others i can have a granola bar or some more fruit

its not a concrete plan cause i will prob have fruit whenever caus ei love fruit so much but its what i nomrally eat neway when i have the food so yeah back to eating healthy nomore eatin gmy moms junk allthe time i can lose some more weight yay for that :)

i started the second book in the pretty little liars series today and i love it so far im def going to readmore later

i always bring a book wiht me to the gym and read while im working out i know weird but i like it and i get anhour of uninterrupted reading in i usually just do elly so its easy to read and do that at the same time

i did elly for 65 mins today i did the around the world hill workout on level 8 i burnt 473 cals :)

now if i coudljust stop eating junk then everything will b all good me and my damn sweet tooth

tomm will b bbetter then today i know it will cause today was better then yesterday food wise so it will just keep going like that

i really have to tear my room apart i cant find my pedometer watch i havent seen it in days andi feel nakced witho ut it so i need to find it soon

love ua ll

so i have a stupid question for u all right now u know how some of u have those tabs at the top or ur blogs with like stats or thinspo or just books u like how did u do that? i know im stupid and i cant figure it out but i would love to add them if some1 knows how if u dont then no worries


  1. Haha I think its under posting, click edit pages and create a new one. I've never done it though.

    thanks for your sweet comment, you are totally right! I do need to calm down.

  2. Haha, yeah, Ash is right.
    Go to posting (where you write a new blog post) - go to edit pages - and then click on new page. :)
    Good luck. <3

  3. o than guys ur the best i will def try that later

  4. It took me ages to figure out how to make a page...

    I thought I was the only wacko who reads while working out! If there's nothing on tv, or I have no dvd's to watch, I'll just read on the treadmill.

    It's hard to stop with the junk, but we can do it!! You just need to go without it for long enough, I think, then you forget how awesome it is...

  5. trust me ur not im always reading while working out unless im like runnin gon the treadmill then i cant

    i know we can do it though we just have to stay strong an deat healthy thank god the cookies are gone but what did my mom do make brownies today ugh but i can avoid them in more of a cookie person not a brownie person

    i think i might tiry and figure out the hole page thing later when i auctally post kinda shaky now ugh

  6. Hey sweety!
    Looks like your doing great on shopping for groaceries! (Was that spelled right :P?)
    And your doing great on the diet as well!
    What is your current weight?
    How much do you want to loose?

    Love, Anna

  7. he anna im around 102-103 right now it sucks i hate it
    i wanna b between 90-95 i would love to go lower then that bu tiknow i cant