Tuesday, September 28, 2010

thank you everyone

this will b a thank u post cause all of u have been really great and lovley with me. u put up with my swearing riddled post yesterday and i really do apprecaite all ur comments. i will thank u all personally in a minute. i keep applying to jobs i just hope i get one like soon like now would b best.

this is me- thank u hun u really have been a great friend an di will always b there for u as well

mich wait what how can u b too poor for unemplyment that is as fucked up as the excuse they gave me im sorry and ur right nj does suck ugh and yes pointers would b lovely i dont have much just a few books i never read idk i gotta go thru all my stuff and c what i can sell

skeleton strong -its king hard to breathe and relax when i have to ge tmy bills paid i cant b late on them that is just not an option and the system sucks they give everything to the scum who dont even look for a job and then the ppl who really need the extra help dont get it. i love exercise it always does made me feel a lil better too.

lia - hey stranger were did u disappear too. im sure u will get back on track i know it

ash - aw thanx im glad that i can help you and wow my comment meant the most wow i never thought my comments helped but i guess they do and i know i will find a job its just will i find it soon enough

needlesedge - thanxi hope so too

believe -wow that really sucks about utah and i know that economy sucks ugh

but thank you all you are all the best
i will update later about how my day went


  1. All of us bloggers are glad to be here to support each other :)
    Stay strong hun! There's so many of us who are breaking down...at least we've got each other.
    It'll all get better soon!

  2. yea...sorry about that went thru a super rough time but im on my way to get back on track now. gained 2 lbs... :?

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  4. We are all here to support eachother! That's the great think about Blogspot!
    Stay strong! You will get there, i have no doubt about it!
    You're a great person, and a fantastic inspiration!
    Keep doing what you're doing! xox

  5. When you get all your stuff together for ebay, if you want you can send me a list on DollParts or send one big photo and I'll help you out with listing and prices and everything. :D I'm an ebay addict.

  6. thanku everyone u all are the best
    and el an inspiration really idts but thanx
    and mich thanx when i get around to that i will def talk to u