Sunday, September 26, 2010


god does my stomach and chest hurt right now so bad u have no idea fucking life i hate it. c i went to my aunts house today cause ive been going crazy staying at home all the time. well they were making apple pies but by the time i got there they were all done yay me. but i deicded to stay neway for a lil yeah well alil ended up being dinner and dessert and dessert consisited of dairy so yeah im in pain.

i origanlly wasnt going to stay for dinner but my cousin made a comment so of ocurse i gotta prove ppl wrong and prove to them that i acutally do eat ss fuck. well i was asking a question about the cinnamon strip things they made and my mom goes do u eat those im like no when have u ever seen me eat those and my cousin goes i never c u eat nething. so of ocurse i had to eat them just to prove them wrong. yes i eat no dint eat like a normal person now have i ever.

my aunt ended up making pasta i aked her if i could just have mine plain with out sauce she of course said yes so i had a lil of that with garlic powder on top(im addicted to garlic powder i put it on everything). i helped her cut up the bread which was a work out all in its own it was bakery italin bread and the crust was hard but with soft insdie yeah well i cut up half and she cut up the other half and my the time i was down with my half i was like panting for air i swearmy lungs are going or soemthing idk.

but it was alsomy aunts bday so they bought her an ice cream cake and im powerless when it comes to ice cream cake the crunches in the middle r the best things in the wrold and of course what does she do gives me a huge peice which i had to eat.

so needlesss to say imin alot alot of pain and idk like 8 tums later im still in pain. but im finally home now ijust took 3 biotin and 3 b12 pills and ima take to diuretics very shortly. yes i know its alot of pills no i dont want u to tell me that its to many trust me for me thats goodi have a habit of popping ne kind of pilli can take and taking to many of it so dw i will b fine though.

yesterday wasnt good either food wise good exercise wise. i ended up doing 100 mins on elly, vaccummed my car for 8 minutes, cleaned car for 2 hours, and ran in place for 2 hours. which burend a total of 1,707 cals. so yeay go me on the exercise front

not go me on the food front though yesterday i ended up eating 3 slices of silicain pizza, bowl of ice cream, some pringles, half a bowl of noodles with garlic powder and red peppers, and 2 slices of white bread.
now im not suppose to eat white bread of the dairy that was in the pizza and ice cream so i wasin pain and bloated yesterday as well.

the boy came over after the boy and he asked if i ate the pizza iml ike yes hes like how many im like all of it and some ice cream i didnt tell hima bout the noodles. hes like damn im like i dont wanna talk about it hes like y im like bad food day please dont hes like u want me to help u burn it off im like of course. so yeah i got a good workout with him last nite.

now this week im not gonna eat much ima restrict my cals latley ive been eating around 800 cals mayb a lil more bu ti made sure i burend it all off and then some but his week ima eat im thinking around 600 cals or so and burn that off plus some as well since ima total and complete exercise addict.

i went to the gym today b4 my aunts house adn did 2 hours and 10 min on elly while watch titanic. i love that my gym has tv's on all the cardio machines the channels change everyday so its hard to tell what channel u will get but today they had tbs and titanic was on so i plugged my earphones in and watched and listend to that the hole time i was working out i love when they have good movies on. normally i read while working out but i love titanic andi cant pass up watching that.

i started 2 new books cause i cant just read 1 at a time hell no thats not how i work so i started reading "smashed" at the gym its good so far ilove memiors so i will prob get thru that one fast.
and i started "feeling for bones" last nite while waitng for the boy i read the first chapter and that one is good as well

food log for today

*peppermint tea
*few spoons ice cream
*cranberry raspberry apple sauce

dinner(at aunts)
*small scoop of noodles plain with garlic powder
*2 small slices of bakery bread

snack and dessert(at aunts house)
*jelly beans(mostly the yello and pink ones yellow is my fav though)
*ice cream cake

*65 min elly random hill workout level 10-450
*65 min elly random hill workout level 11- 442

so not ima lay here and watch disturbia(love this movie) on tbs and drink a liter of water then when my stomach finally stops hurting i will do some crunches


  1. i wish i had as much willpower to exercise!
    hang in there, the pain is all worth it.

  2. awww I'm sorry I hate family forcing you to eat all kinds of shit! But dude your exercise is amazing!

  3. Mmmm those crunchy bits in the ice cream cake are impossible to resist.

    I had a similar weekend with mum - she seems to have caught on [again] that I'm not eating.

    Hope you have an awesome week, hun! And I hope your tumtum feels better. I'm goin to check out your books page again... You should get one of those shelfari things ( I just put one on my books page, and it's fun. ;)

  4. Gah I hate when people accuse me of not eating. Then I have to eat and no one is satisfied until I eat some kind of dessert. Last time, I had a slice of pizza and my friend would let me go until I ate a piece of cake....Anyways, you didn't really eat that bad. Hope you feek better :)

  5. thanx guys u are all the best

    my life is an epic fail-o damn ur friend for doing that im sorry and i know the food wasnt bad it coudl of been worse but my stomach doesnt handle that stuff well

    mich-i know arent they they are the best parts well ur mom needs to back off theno hmm ima have to check that out thanx