Friday, September 24, 2010


ok so i finally got dressed :)

heres far away shot

close up sorry its alil dark my room doesnt get much light

so i ate a lil more then i wanted to today ugh damn munchies i try and only eat 200 cals during the day on fridays since i got dinner with the boy but yeah i ate more then that

food log
*2 cookies-112
*3 pringles-27.9
*mini pretzels-110

*2 1/2 liters water
*skinny water sport
*cup of hot caffeine free orange tea
*hot choc-65

total cals consumed- 369.9

*65 min interval hill workout elly level 13- 421 cals burned
*65 min elly level6- 449 cals burned
*jogged in place 30 minutes- 185 cals burned
*2,713 steps taken- 74 cals burned

total cals burned- 1,129

i also did crunches for about 10 minutes straight and folded some clothes and cleaned up my room


  1. omg I love the leggings/boots combo! red is my fav color! have lots of fun!

  2. I love the burst of color with the red legs, girl! You look great!

  3. That is the cutest little outfit. Definitely an outfit I would wear. :)

  4. i loved the outift it was differnt then amny ppl wear here
    i got osme weird looks from ppl but i like being differtn