Friday, September 24, 2010

new pics

so i got bored this moring and deicded to take a few pics of myself god i look horrible but id figure id share then with u neway i really have to get all that weight off of me already y cand ijust b like 94 lbs again like i was over a year ago that that would just b lovely

so far today ive had 1 cookie(56) 3 pringles(27.9) ima drink my tea and water then ahave an apple(55) then go tot he gym and do my 2 hours on elly


  1. omg your tummy is so toned! i love the placement of your tatt as well. somewhere underneath my fat i have a body like that. so jealous :P

  2. you look pretty thin to me, dude lol. I wish I looked like that.

    Some day =/ *wistful*

  3. aww. you don't look awful. my fave is the straight on picture (the last one).

  4. acka110-thanx u can thank my crunchs addiction form y abs an didint even place the tat like that the guy drew it and it turned out perfect hes like nice i drew it so match the curve of ur stomach

    believe- thanx i wish i ws 94 lbs again though

    skeleton strong- yeah thats my fav too

    thanx guys