Saturday, September 11, 2010


so i had to go to planned parenthood this morin gi had to drop off my blood test results and the note from the doc that said im cleared for my pills yeah i ended up being there for almost an hour i had to wait for the doc there to read it and then i had to talk to the talk she was very nice though i like her way better then my doc. she took my blood pressure and surprislngy it went down a lil from yesterday it was 126/86 its sitll high but not as high as yesterday so thats a good thing. when i first walked in she was like o ur so tiny how does a tiny thing like u have high cholestrol im like my dad has it and then when she went to check my blood pressure shes like aw skinny arms im like yeah the blood pressure is gonna b high shes like not its not im like yes it is my dad has it to shes like o. so then she just talked to me a lil bit she told me to follow the diet he gave me she also gave me a tip with the sodium shes like when ur reading the package if the sodium says 500 mg or higher then dont buy it its to high so im def going to take that advice, them she told me to get fish oil pills cause they will really help my cholestrol. she was nice very helpful i ended up leaving withmore panphlets ugh the gave me a quide to nutrition and a sample meal plan yeah this one is 2000 cals yeah that is so not happening this ppl are crazy but i dont have to follow it its not requirded or nething. so i got my birth contorl pills 10 packs so im good for 10 months til i have to get my annual visit things ugh but damn was the pills expesinve between the visit there and the pills i spent $171 ugh damn and of course i had to use the credit card cause i only have like $5 in cash caus my ass is unemployeed and broke

i went to the gym after that and did my typical elly :) i love the ellilptical i read the 2nd book in the pretty little liars book while i was on it im almost down with it im going to try and finsih it today for i can start on the 3rd book

after the gymi went to target to get the pills and a few more things i spent like $45 there ugh no more spending money for me i just cant got u got

*2 pack fish oil pills bottles

*bottle of b-12

*bottle of biotin

*bottle of one a day sour gummies multivitamin


*notebook(i have to keeo track of my food better iknow i write it on here all the tiem but i need a notebook as well)

*box of orange tazo caffeine free tea bags

i ate way way way tomuch yesterday and i didnt weight myself thi smoring and i prob wont weight myself all week cause my period comes next week and i'll b all bloated and ew and ugh so yeah no scale for awhile

im working on going vegan i kno wi wont b able to go completely vegan cause every friday i have to eat out with the boy but ima try my best and do the best i can

food log so far:
*small banana
*small apple
*salad(6 romaine lettuce leaves, 1 kosher pickle, 1 small tomato, lil cucumber, tiny handful of almonds)

*liter of water
*cup of choc mint hot choc

*65 min elly around the world hill workout level 12- 478 cals burned


  1. Agh it must suck having doctors all over you like that, but you did a good job getting away with a low calorie intake today! Great job with your exercising (as usual) too! Also, good luck trying to go vegan, I know everyone loses tons of weight that way =)


  2. i am kinda new to the blog but within the last week ive read every post up until april 2010 and am working of may june july and august and september of 2010 but i like idolize you, im not a wannarexic at all but im an extreme resticter who wishes she could let her ana out instead of fighting it because of my atmosphere, you are really my thinspiration you have a ton of control and always count your calories and make sure to excercise which i admire. im 5'4" and im 101.8 lbs as of this morning and am working still but you give me strength to not binge i think of you and all those who can do it every day sucessfully
    -Lia, if u wanna email me its

  3. issyla-yeah i ate moe after i posted ugh i suck i know but gonna try and stay completely vegan today its hard an di know i will have slip ups

    lia-o wow thanx hun i emailed u