Saturday, September 4, 2010


i wanted to thank all u lovely ppl cause u really are teh best adn ur comments made me so happy i dont c myself clearly i know none of us do but u know may b i really am small if all u guys say so but im still not small enough but i wanted to thank u all u are all the best and i really dont know what i would do with out u :)

so my sis and bro came home for the wkd the house as beens o quite its nice for it to b loud for once but i missed them and its nice for them to b home :) when my sis came home we ate soem cookies and ice cream together and then we just sat there and hung out for like an hour watching mythbusters(love that show). my bro was hes typical annoying self but hey he is who he is and i love him neway i love them both. they both leave on monday my bro is dropping sis off at school then going to hes school hes in philly hes in southern new jersey so he can drop her off then drive 45 min to hes school.

the town had its sutpid annual bike race shit today its stupid and inconvient if u ask me they shut down roads well 2 roads mine and the one in front of it so it doesnt u know inconvient the hole town just the ppl who live down town assholes ugh but neway no cars can b parked on the street after 6 am so after i took the boy home at 530 am i had to park my car in a parking lot about a block away and then walk home. its still dark at 530am here and my town isnt the safest at all especially my part of town but th eboy said i would b fine allthe scum bags are asleep by then so i parked my car and walked in the middle of the street very fast until i got home and it doesnt help that the street light by my house is out so its even darker ugh.

date nite with the boy last nite went reallly well i ate a lil more theni wanted but i wasnt as freaked out cause i got to workout in the morning that day so it made all the difference. but he loved my outfit he normally tells me i look nice or cute but he said i looked really good like 3 times that nite :) so the outfit was a huge success. we didnt feel like driving far for food so we just stayed in town and went to friendlys im not a big fan of there salads so i got a grilled chicken sandwhcih(lettuce tomotates, thousand island dressing, grilled chicken and the roll) it came with fries. i ate all my fries(of course i am the fry queen) i ate 3/4 of the one hald o fthe roll and about half of the grilled chicken. im werid with sandwhcihs i cant eat them together i have to take them about and eat them with forks and knives idk y i have to do this but i do and the boy makes fun of me for it but im like im eating so does it matter hes like ur right. for dessert i got the cookie jar sundae its so good and i ate it all its not big like their nomarl salads its more like kids size but its good and id rather eat ice cream then food neway

i got my unemplyment stuff in the mail today i dont really understand it its all confusing when i applied online they gave me an amount i woiuld get every week and everything and theni get all my papers and packetts and shit and it says i might not b elighable cause i got fired for misconduct adn they will deicde that on the 21st when they have phone interview or sometihng its like if i didnt qualify in the first place then y get my hopes up and give me an amount and everything and make me think that i got it.

its like the scumbags can get unemplyemtn with the snap of their fingers but ppl like me and u who acutally need and it deserve to get it cause we wokr our asses off we are juts ina tough spot right now cant get it its all fucking fucked up u have no idea ugh
the boy is gonna look at all the papers tonite htough when we comes over after the bar and try to make sense of it

o i finished "mockingjay" today while i was at the gym(yes i read while i work out book worm remember) but yeah the book was amzing and u guys ahve to read it u have the read the hole trilolgy cause i said so and yes i know what im talking about when it comes to books :)

food log so far:
*fruit bowl(small bananan, 1/2 cup blueberries. 15 grapes)
*4 home made choc chips cookies
*cookies and cream ice cream

*cup of hot tea
*2 normal bottles of water
*liter of water(sitting in from of me now)

*65 min tready random hill working level 12 speed 3.0-282 cals burned
*65 min elly around the world hill workout level 7-477 cals burned

for dinner im thinkng ima make myself some noodles i crave them and i dont let myself have them much adn thats hard becuase im italian and us italians love us are noodles so i think ima let myself have some

after that i gotta job search cause i have done that yet today and im in despereate need of a job espeically if i cant get my unemplyment
love u all


  1. Ugh I hate those things where they shut down the roads. We have one here - the "Run for Education" every summer and they totally barricade me into my street. I live on a cul-de-sac and it's like a really awkward bunch of windy roads with only one way to get to a main road and they block it every damn year!! >:O

    I think I was near your neck of the woods yesterday - we passed through Bethlehem on the way to Gettysburg. Pennsylvania is one weird darn state.


  2. im sorry that sucks at least i can get out sorta they let u out if u ahve to get out

    oo bethlehm is liiek 20 mins away from me
    yes pa is hahah