Sunday, September 5, 2010


i was totally going to go tothe gym this morning since ive been going almost everyday since i lost my job but yeah that didnt happen.
last nite i wasnt feeling well at all my heart was really bothering me and i was foricng myself to stay awake cause the boy was suppose to come over after the bar i managed to make it 2 3am ifi dont hear form him by then it usually means hes not coming over soi layed down and fell alseep. except it wasnt really sleep sleep i kept waking up ever hour and checking my phone and then passing out again for another hour it was crazy and annoying cause i wanted to go tothe gym but i coudlnt get my body to move it was weak and my heart was still bothering me soi just stayed in bed

i finally got up at 12pm(no i wasnt sleeping that hole time) i got a showe and made my self a salad and some tea.

my family was having a picnic today for labour day soi figured i would eat seomthing b4 i went up for then i woudlnt b tempted to eat nething there :) i know im so smart ha the picinic was at the park so i decided to walk up there my sis walked up with me too and we walked home later as well together. the picicn went good though all i ate there was 1 slice of cheese and a small slice of dairy free cake. iw as cold like the whole time though even in jeans a long sleeve shirt and a sweatshirt. i tred swinging ont he swings but i got really dizzy and nasouses and started seeing blue dots so i had to get off which sucked becausei love to swing on the swings ugh

my sis leaves for school again tomm so in the morning im going to go with her while seh buys the random things she needs for school hopefully that doesnt take to long cause i want to go to the gym and its only open til 5 tomm cause of the holiday. but my sis say si have to come up to her school sometime for a wkd and visit her only problem is its just outside of philly and i dont do traffic or nething like that well i panic when im driving in traffic and to places idk where im going so shes like ther eis a train station by my school so u can take the train there so when i decide to go iwill have to look into the train schedule and howmuch and allthat jaz

food log
*salad(3 romaine leaves, 1 kosher pickle spear, mini tomato, 2 slices veggie protein slices)
*1 slice of cheese
*small piece dairy free cake
*lil ice cream
*2 servings white rice( i know i should only had 1 serving but it tasted so yummy)

*2 cups hot tea
*3 normal bottles fo water
*liter of water

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