Friday, September 3, 2010


so i acutally got some sleep last nite well u cant call it sleep per say cause i just passed out from the pain in my head. but i hit my head really hard yesterday an di wasnt feeling well by the time my 2 lil cousins got picked up so i went upstairs. of course i couldnt lay down right away i had to job serach so as the day went on i just kept feeling worse and worse. the boy txted me saying he was gonna go out with hes friend for a lil saying he would call me later. so i figured it would b ok to lay down for a lil and to rest my head. welli did lay down and i felt naosuses and dizzy and my head was pounding(i prob have like slight concussion) but neway i layed down around 10pm and then next ting u know its 3 am and im in the same spot. now if u know me u know that i never lay stilli cant it hurts my body so much so i knew i pretty much passed out from the pain and everything.

but yeah so ive been up since 3am i tossed and turned drifted in and out of sleep love insomnia and then i finally decided to acutally get out of bed at 7am. i went downstairs made some tea and got my box of fiber one cereal(yes i eat cereal right out of th ebox i dont pour it into a bowl i hate milk so) but yeah im waiting fo rmy water to boil and my mom is buggin the fuck out of me ugh shes liek so when are u gonna tell ur father u lost ur job im like does it really matter im looking for a job and shes like yes it matters

like srsly she just needs to shut the fuck up i can run my own life like since when has she cared so fucking much yah never.
but neway my uncle came over today and he was shcoked that i lost my job but not in a mad way but hes gonna check at hes job he thinks they need some1 in the billing dept so hes gonna check and let me know and then hes gonna check in at the one hospital i applied to he knows some1 there so hes gonna check onmy application for me yay for my uncle.

so jobs that i have applied to so far today:

*customer filie specialist
*accounting clerk
*pharamacy biling
*dental office manager
*filing clerk
*traffice office assistant

food log so far
*fiber one cereal
*cookies and cream ice cream

i ate a lil to much ice cream i know that but im tyring to not freak out about it cuase i burned so much at the gym early that im sure i burned off all that i ate so far and that i will b ok eating out with the boy 2nite i wont b neg cals or nehting like that but i will b ok ishouldnt b to high

*2 cups hot tea
*2 bottles of water
*sobe life water 0

*65 min level 10 random hill workout tready speed 3.0- 244 cals burned
*35 min level 7 around the world work out elly-255 cals burned

i will def post a pic later of my outfit when i finally get dressed
love u all


  1. thanks for the encouragement! I bet your outfit is supercute! Can't wait for the pic.

    Hope you find a job soon! Fingers crossed <3

  2. ur welcome hun u know that im always here for u