Friday, September 3, 2010


so here is my outfit for tonite ive had that dress for awhile and ilove it i just never had a chance to wear it but tonite ima wear it. im wearing along sleeve shirt under it cause i get cold very easily but ithink that it still looks good this way :) sorry abuot my thumb in it a lil i didnt realize it til i already uploaded it to my computer and is the pic no straight to u as well ugh o well
love u all


  1. Veryy cute, I'm not going to lie, I'm very jealous of your skinny legs and calves !! I can't wait til I can wear cute outfits : )

  2. good luck with the job search, i hope you find something :) and i LOVE your outfit, very feminine and flattering. you have a great body. good luck with everything xxx

  3. gorgeous dress!!
    Looks good on you :)

  4. wow i love your legs! =) cute outfit!

    ps- im sorry, ive been a bit depresses lately hence my lack of comments. time to catch up! =)

  5. thank u all u are all the best
    ima go add teh newppl to my blog follow list for i can follow u lovely ppl

    hey alice its ok dont worry about it i understand

  6. Love your outfit! I agree with everyone haha, I want your legs. Mine are waaay too fat.