Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shopping outcome

so i had a 30percent off coupon for kohls so i decided to do some shopping i know that i shoudlnt of but i did
i decided to get some dressy clothes for if i get that job and/or for futrue interviews
i also got these cute pair of boots i really wanted the motorcycyle ones but yeah they were way way to much money

the clothes that i got

fuck hot heels they are acutally comfy

boots i got

i will update again later bout how my day went


  1. i am ridiculously jealous of your sexy hawt heels ^^

  2. I LOVE those heels! I might check my Kohls in Missouri and see if they have them!

  3. Oh my God! So totally cute! All of them! And the heel are definitely hot. I loveeee this!

  4. ilove the heels adn they are acutally comfy
    thank u all ur the best the very best

  5. *steals the heals* if i could find comfy heels id be the happiest girl on the earth. those outfits look great. xo

  6. Oh gosh, I love the boots and the plaid shirt!

  7. The heels...Love them! You look so great...lovin' the clothes...Much happiness...

  8. so i guess everyone is gonna steal my heels ha

  9. yes! cuz you can add me onto the list, i plan on stealing them as well XD

    and omgosh! you look great!!! :D love the outfits outfits you pick!

    alice-k xxoo