Thursday, September 2, 2010


so i made some sand art today and some paint by numbers. my lil cousin wanted to do it but in all reality its very relaxing its a great way to clear ur mind ima have to buy myself some eventually but neway this is what i did

so i lost my job yesterday yes he acutally did fire moe because i coudlnt afford khakis ths short convo we had yesterday:
him:u know its the 1st right
me:yes i couldnt afford the khakis
him: but u just got paid
me:yeah and i have bills
him:dont we all have bills
me:well i cant afford them
him:then clock out and go home
me:do u want me to come in tomm
him:yes in khakis
me:i want have them tomm
him:fine give me ur keys

soi dig thru my puuse i give him hes office key back, the key to the front door, and th bundle of keys that lock every door in the place. yes i have alot of keys and yes i was the only one who had them besdies di but she was already goen by then all those keys were a big responiblity so i give him hes keys tell him the eft thing was ran already grabbed my stuff and walked out.

so i am now offically unemplyeed and my mom is pissed at me yes at me not at my asshole of a boss who has been treating me like shit for fuck knows how long. yeah shespissed at me shes like u cant afford khakis how do uafford ur bills im like i cant afford kahksi cause my bills are all tahen care of yeah so shes been huffy and bithcy and just a pain in my ass all fucking day and shes like i didnt tell ur father im thinking in my head who the fuck cares does it really matter its my life its my problem so y cant they just back the fuck off.

the boy helped my apply for unemployment last nite which i will get i will money directly deposited into my account every week i will get about $100 less every 2 weeks then i would of made if i worked but its ok. and he said i have to find a part time jpb asap i can work that and collect till i can get a full time job. having both would help me get my head above water mayb acutally get one of my credit cards paid off

he wants me to apply for retail again but i dont want to but he says i dont have a choice right now that i have to take the first tihng i can get no matter how crabby it is i havent applies to ne retail yet but i have applied to part time like secertary admin work u know

last nite we went tothe movies i didnt eat dinner which lately has been a nomral thing and he asked what i ate i said i didnt eat nething so he said ihad to get soemthing at the moives soi got a box of gummy bears hes like u have to getpopcorn too cause u didnt eat well im a sneaky lil bastard i never even opened the gummy bears i just ate the popcorn. we got a small popcorn he had some too in all we ate 3/4 of it

but we say "the american" i really dont recommend it it was nuttin like the preview at all it was a foreign film which dont get me worn gi have nuttin against but they should tell u that and allth action u c in the trailer is like may 5 minutes of the film thats all

well today since i didnt have to get up and go to work i went to the gym early and i mean early like 6am early just cause i was up im use to being up and im use to not sleeping damn insomina it sucks but neway i did 65 min on elly the cascades hill workout level 5 it burned 492 cals

also had my lil cousins today so needless to say im exhausted they tire me out so much and th elack of sleep sint helping me much

but i hit my ehad pretty hard today as well ugh damn wall got in my way but i have a killer headache and a nice ass bump on my forhead lovley the boy will make fun of me alot tonite

i kinda munched alil to much today ugh i always munch tomuch wen i have the kids just cause they make me so tired u know

so plan for th rest of th enite is to job search and appply to netihng i can and i might make myself a salad for dinner just for th eoby doesnt make me eat nehting later tonite and i really wanna read more of mockingjay

just in case neone was wondering i know mich was mockingjay is the 3rd book in a triliogy by suzanne collins its called the hugner games triliogy and i really do recommend it the books are amaizgn and the keep u on the endge of ur seats and they will b making movies out of them as well. so the first book is "hunger games" followed by "cathcing fire" andn then "mockingjay"


  1. OMG! I can't believe that jerk fired you! I hope your okay. Hopefully you'll find something soon!

  2. yeah he fired me just like thathes an ass if u havent picked that up already

  3. god. some people don't deserve to have employees. good luck with the job search and I am proud of you for sticking up for yourself. You boy sounds like he cares for you :) thats is so nice. x

  4. Sorry about the job. :*( What a douchebag!!

    Yay for sandart!! I love doing those, but after last time I did them with my nieces, Mum will not let me do it in the house...

  5. this is me-he does really acre about me and he doesnt deserve me but he loves me so oo ima go follow ur blog though :)

    mich-he is a douche isnt he omg u shoudl of seen the mess we made but it was ok cause my cousin did it and we cant say no to her lol