Wednesday, September 22, 2010


so we had one fucking hell of a storm here the sky went pitch black and imean bitch black witha tint of orange like the sky was on fire
yeah well the storm resulted in use losing power for over an hour app ligtheing hit a transformer or something on our street so i layed here for an hour with my ipod staring at the ceiling cause thats all i could do. i didnt burn my thumb on my damn lighter trying to light my candles i need to get new candles once that are acutally filled and not more then half burnt

food log
*1/2 cup cantaloupe- 27.5
*small banana- 75
*1 cookie-56

*10 mini pretzels- 55
*green beans- 90

*apple- 55
*15 mini pretzels- 82.5

*baked potato -110 (yes my dad wasnt home yay i could have my potato
*salad- lettuce(20), cucumber(5), small tomato(15), pickle(0), bell peppers(10), wine vinager dressing(0)

*1 cookie-56

*cup of hot caffeine free tazo orange tea-0
*2 liters water-0
*hot choc-65

totaly cals consumed- 722

*65 min elly interval hill workout level 13- 453 cals burned
*65 min elly level 5- 462 cals burned
*3,838 steps taken- 97 cals burned
*1 hour 30 mins jogging in place- 561 cals burned

total cals burned-1,573 cals burned


  1. im sorry you hurt yourself DX
    but i love it when the power goes out, it makes you realize how dependent we are on technology! its nice to be forced to stare into space for a while XD

  2. Ooh, I love storms. They're so exciting!

  3. i know ash i was going crazy witho ut tv ormy laptop i was like wtf
    i think im the only one in the world sarah who hates storms