Tuesday, September 21, 2010


so i had to deal with judgemental bitch on the phone today yeah i dont like being called a bitch but i call other ppl a bitch i know hyprocrite yell at me later

so i had to have a fact finding interview today to c if i qualify for my unemplyment benefits sincei got fired they could say im ineliglbe and then just fuck me but the fact finding interview happened today they call u at a certain tim newerhe from that time to 2 hours after lone behold acutally called on time but the lady was judging and i heard it in her voice i know she was judging me and just thinkin gi was another scumbag looking for a handhand yeah listen lady im not a scumbag an di hate handouts but i have no choice inthe matter

well neway off track sorry but she asked me when i started working there when i got fired teh compnay name the number supreiviors name and all that shit but then we got to the point of y i got fired and yes her judging really came in there she kept saying like u cant afford khakis or y didnt u borrow money y didnt u talk to him he paosted it blah blah blah

wel lady a)i have bills(i must of said that like thousand times) b) i dont take handouts form ppl its not who i am and 3) i did talk to him she kept asking all these questions like y didnt u call him on hes phone and everything like i know she was just doing her job but she was judging me im like he cut my horus i coudlnt affod them well y not caus ei have bills if he gave me til next pay then i could fo got them well y didnt u talk to him about that well i told him 2 weeks prior that i might not have them and did u talk tohim after that no i talked to him the day i got fired what happend what did u say and all this shit

like i really dont know he shes gonna approve me it sounded like she wasnt gonna approve me that she was tired of me that she didnt think i was good enough and all that shit she talk to my boss as well and he said that heposted that beginning of august that i just got paid that week that i was a good employee very relaibe that he was sad that it had to end like that. i swear i wanted to laugh when she said that by the end of the interview i was so frustated and annpyed with her that i just want to set her straight and say look lady but i coudlnt i coudlnt do that.

i will find out if i get the benefits in about 7 days she said that they send letters out saying if u got approved and if u didnt get approved it says y and then u can appeal it

srlsy if i dont get approved idk what ima do i really dont know cuase idk even have money for my october bills and i dont wanna ask ppl for money im not a chariety case and i dont owe ppl nething

food log

*1/2 cup cantaloupe-27.5
*1/2 cup strawberries-25
*2 cookies-112(yes i looked them up no milk i can eat them)
*16 pringles-150
*half cherry tomato-1
*salad-lettuce(20) small tomato(15) cucumber(5) pickle(0) bell peppers(10) wine vinager dressing(0)
*mixed veggies-210
*apple-55(snack b4 bed)

*3 liters water
*cup of hot tazo orange caffeine free tea
*hot choc 2 tbsp mix and hot water-65

total cals consumed- 800.5

*65 min elly interval hill workout level 13-445 cals burned
*65 min elly level5- 460 cals burned
*1 hour jogging in place- 374 cals burned

totaly cals burned- 1,279

i plan on watching one tree hill soon and doing crunches during the commericals i have to work out way mor eim so fat and gross my legs jiggle when i walk my stomach is huge it sticks out i look gross i neeed a flat concave stomach like now

ash -trust me we are all twisted in our own way

sarah -cause they like to drive us nuts i think

thisisme -thei funny thing is it seems like they care but really they dont trust me on that they just have no1 else to pick on sis my bro and sis are away at college so they pick on me and they only time i go downstaris is to get something to eat and dw they aernt getting me off track

want -o dw i tell him that

mich -thats how my parents are one day its like learn willpower stop eating the next is u shoulndt b eat that and then like months later its u have to eat yeah no i dont leave me alone and make up ur minds

lia -u'll get ur control back iknow u will im here if u wanna talk


  1. I'm sorry times are rough for you right now, you'll get through it though! and it's okay to take some help from people every once in awhile, we all need it. I hope you get approved, i'm sorry people are awfulhorribledisgusting judgmental things. :-*

  2. Aw babe. I really hope that you get approved! We're here for you either way. I hope you know that. You need to do what you can to survive though.

  3. Ugh I'm sorry you got someone nasty for the interview. I really hope you get approved, but I can't see why they wouldn't.

  4. i know it sucks to have to depend on other people and/or their decisions.
    its uncomfortable & one can feel impotent.
    i hope you get approved.
    (nice workout log .. you've just inspired me to do more.)

  5. thats guys
    i dont wanna depend on ppl and ima go as long as i can without