Monday, September 6, 2010

Kristen Stewart Backgrounds

ok so heres the 3 backgrounds that i just made
u guys are more then welcome to use them
or if u want me to make u nething specific just let me know
and thanx guys for the kind words im trying to work thru it all but i kinda just wanna say fuck it and give up and just let this ed take over and let my relationship crumble and everything else that is going on in this fucked up head of mine
i know ima fight like heal for my relationship im not gonna thru away 7 years just cause my depression and anxiety and panic attacks are getting worse
ugh whatever my head is just all over theplace rigth now so im just gonna let it b for right now and hope it sorts itself out


  1. can you make a nicole richie one?!
    if not, how did you make them?
    thx. Sarah XX

  2. You're amazing at this!!!

    Can you make me one of Taylor Momsen?? She's like, my ultimate Thinspiration. It would be great to see her every time I log onto my blogger =]

    This is great stuff, hun!

    If I were you, I would definitely fight for my relationship. Don't let your ED take over everything. That's how people end up dying in the hospital... I don't want to see that happen to you, sweetie.

    If you ever want to talk, I'm always here for you =]

  3. Thanks for sharing! She is so lovely, like you! :)

  4. o of course u 2 i will def make them for u
    i will try to wokr on the tontie for u right now my head is pounding i had to fast for like 16 hours fo rmy bloodwork and me and fasting done mix well nemore sicne ive fucked up my heart alot so i got a killer headache but i will work on them later

    awwww sarah ur the best u know that and kstew is def my fav ive always loved it

  5. wow theyre so pretty! =) your good at making backrounds!

    and hunnie, try to fight for your relationship. fighting ana as one of the most stressful tasks any one person can be given! but i think that for now, why dont you take it easy, dont worry too much about it and ride it out until you get a therapist? im sorry if you already got one and i dont know, i havent had time to read up on all of your posts yet :/ but rest assured i will =) *hugs*

  6. thanx hun i love making them
    i am fighting for my relatinship i cant lose him and no i dont have a therapist or enthign righ tnow im on a waiting list i have to wait til at least november