Thursday, September 16, 2010


so ihad my lil cousins today this is the last time we will have them fora bout 8 weeks their mom(my cousin) is having a 3rd child on monday shes having a c section and its a boy we know this already they are either going to name him nathan or chase. im more leaning towards chase.

so we did alot of fun stuff today since i wouldnt have them for awhle its going to b hard on me cause they help my depression so much and with themnot being there i knowmy depression is going to get wrose but i will try my best to not let it myself slip into it to much but no guarenttesss

well we went for a lil walk today just around the block to go to the li convient store munchin wanted a snack so she got a ring pop and one of those baby bottle sugar things, mymom wanted mini m&ms and i got 2 airheads(i can have those while vegan) we skipped part of the way there and i carried her part of they way and then we walked therest so got alil exericse there

after that my sis wnated me to get onto skype for she could talk to munchin and big boy of course me being the idiiot that i am never went on there b4 and i coudlnt figre out how to get my microphone on my computer to work like fuck i have a webcame i should have a mic built in so needless to say we still went on but i called her and we had each other on speaker phone we were on there for about 20 minutes we had a smiley face convo int he lil im box they have and munchin and her made funny faces with her

wel did other store too we played school and hide and seek and she likes to play jump on day so i will prob havemore bruiese lovely we always played checkers while palying with her i also had my 10 month old cousin too and he just likes to go he is awlays runnign around everywhere getting into everything so yeah hes a handful def

we did manage to get outside for a lil until it got to dark and the storm came but while we were outside we palyed tag and we also went on the slide well she did and i held him while i let him go down the slide

we did alot more things as well i just dont remember thema ll i had them from 10am-6pm so yeah long day and im exhausted right now but it was so worth it

im all bloated and gross right now though my period came today ugh and then add in the 2 cups of lax tea i drank yesterday yeah soi feel exertemly fat and gross the good thing is my period isnt heavy at all and its not relaly crampy which is good for me yay maybit will b shorter this month again that woudl just b lovley

i applied for 2 jobs yesterday and one called me back today but app it was just a temp job and it didnt say that on the site it was only a 4 month contract the temp agency called me i told them i was looking for more of a long term thing so they are going to keep an eye out onthings for me

i was also finally able to file for my unemplyment i was suppose to do it yesterday but i coudlnt get thru not online and not on the phone but i did it first thing today and go thru i cant collect it yet not till have my fucking phone examiner person ugh but thas on tuesday and if they finally pull the stick out of their ass and realize that i deserve these theni can collect the 2 weeks i wasnt allowed to collect

the rest of th enite im just goin to realx watch tv wathcing law and order right now and then ima watch bones after i will do crunches while watch and i need to drink the liter and the half of water i got sitting in front of me and then i can let my freezing self have a cup of tea

ive been cold all day and i just wanna warm up but i gotta get the water in first

food log:

*dry special k blueberry cereal-100
*cup of hot tazo caffeine orange tea

while with the kids 10am-6pm
*3 bottles of water
*crust of a pizza(munchin ate the pizza part i just ate the crust)
*2 airheads-100(munchin had a couple bitsso im saying 100 instead of 120)
*1 and half cina sticks(with munchin)
*5 cherry tomatos-12.5
*sf popscicle-shared with big boy

*green beans-90

ima hve n apple and some crackers later

im trying to convince my mom to buy me grapes and some green apples shes like y green apples cause i like htose mom but y not red cause mom i want green they are sweeter but red are sweet to fine mom buy whatever u want

adn i also told her today i wastn eating dairy nemore shes knows i barely eats eggs and i only eat chicken on fridays and she knows the dairy is the amin cause of my aicd refulx so didnt fight me on it or nething

so yay go me
love u all


  1. Wow you had quite the eventful day ! lol
    Good that they keep you happy and occupied it's easy to tell how much you love them. I hope you hear back and get a job. Lots of Loveeee

  2. yeahi love them so much u have no idea
    i should hear back fromt he job soon hopefully

  3. I wish my niece that lived nearby was well-behaved. I would totally watch her all the time. But she's a mega-brat. :( The good ones are in England.

    You're so good with your water! I hate drinking water; I hardly ever have any all day. I've been trying to drink more, but I'd rather have coffee or tea or a soda or something...

    Good luck with the unemployment. I'm not sure how other states do it, but NJ seems to be a little special ed. :/


  4. yeah our state fucking sucks doesn it ugh
    i hate soda and im not suppose to b drinking coffe and i have an intense fear or drinkng nething with cals so that leaves water and tea
    and if i dont drink alot my kidneys start to yell at me and it hurts like a bitch so