Friday, September 10, 2010

Blood Test Results

Comp. Metabolic Panel

Glucose, Serum(65-99) 80
BUN(5-26) 8
Creatinine,Serum(.57-1.00) .98
eGFR(>59) >59 BUN/Creatinine Ratio(8-27) 8 Sodium, Serum(135-145) 140 Potassium, Serum(3.5-5.2) 4.2
Chloride, Serum(97-108) 106 Carbon Dioxide, Total(20-32) 21 Calcium, Serum(8.7-10.2) 9.4 Protein, total, Serum(6.0-8.5) 7.0 Albumin, Serum(3.5-5.5) 4.3
Globulin, total(1.5-4.5) 2.7 A/G Ratio(1.1-2.5) 1.6
Bilirubin,total(0.0-1.2) 0.5 AlkalinePhosphatase(25-150) 49
AST(SGOT) (0-40) 22 ALT(SGPT) (0-40) 17

Lipid Panal

Cholestrol, total(100-199) 246
Triglycerides(0-149) 142
HDL Cholestrol(>39) 72
VLDL Cholestrol Cal(5-40) 28 LDL Cholestrol Cals(0-99) 146

so the numbers in the "()" are the range where ur numbers are suppose to fall into the ones in bold are my results

they were only doing lipid panal but u get allt he results as well
idk what all the numbers and words mean or nething like yes i have high cholestrol idk what the others mean so if u guys have ne idea enlighten me please


  1. I'm sorry I'm not sure what all teh numbers mean but I bet you're fine! Stay strong hun! Thanks for commenting on my post too!
    Welre here for ya!

  2. Not a clue, but a friend of mine works in a hospital analyzing stuff like this. I could have him check it out if you don't mind someone seeing it. Obviously I wouldn't say where it came from. :)

  3. o yes i would love that mich i know that my cholestrol is high i just dk what the rest of it means

  4. I sent it to him - I'll let you know what he says! :)