Tuesday, September 14, 2010

9/14/10 continued

so heres how the rest of my day went

i relaxed a lil after that damn meeting reading some fics and jsut u know vegged out ive been doing that to much lately i really gotta stop but im not use to being home all day so its really werid for me

i decided that i was gonna exercise more so form 5-6pm i ran in place while watching gilmore girls i kept my feet on the floor and just made sure my legs were constantly moving idk how many cans that brunt but i hope it was a good amount

omg i watched one tree hill tonite it was the premire of the new season and man was it amzing i love that show its my fav ive been watching it since the very beginning so yes

food log for the rest of the nite
*box frozen green beans-90 cals
*non dairy soy ice cream sandwhich-90 cals
*town house crakcers-?(i reallly dont remmber
*apple-60(im going to have that b4 i go to bed im feeling a lil off that that usually mean si need to eat something b4 i sleep)

o ash hun im 24 yrs old for u knwo and if everyone else was wondering


  1. Thanks lol I was just curious ;-)

    And I love Gilmore Girls!!!

  2. haha i did sit ups while watching Glee :D

    Great intake!

    Love, anna

  3. Anything's better than just sitting aroundd !!
    Good job on your intake : )

  4. This sounds great. I always try to make sure I'm moving while I'm doing stuff like watching tv. :) It's awesome.
    Mmmm, you put me in the mood for an apple! :)

  5. I force myself to exercise during every commercial when I'm watching TV - sit-ups, push-ups, squats, jumping jacks, running in place.... Mum thinks I'm a loonie.

  6. om ich ur not a loonie at all ur just being productive lol
    i love that im not the only one who works out like like
    i always have to keep fidgeting in some way or i go crazy
    thanx everyone u are all the best