Saturday, September 25, 2010

how date night went

So this is how date night went

I picked him up around 730 when he called and said he was ready. Hes like ur so backwards y are u wearing boots when its 85 degrees out and im like I thought they were cute. Hes like u really are backgrounds u’ll wear a skirt in the winter when its cold and freeze but when its hot u wear boots and things that cover ur legs. Im like do u want me to go home and change hes like its just weird im like well I thought it was cute an di though that u would really like it hes like no I like it its just weird im like well no one ever said I was normal.
We then went to best buy cause he wanted to look at movies he has a movie addiction it’s almost as bad as my book addiction he ended up buying 3 movies

We decided to go to this cute lil pizza/Italian place and eat there usually we just get it to go and eat in my room but we decided to eat there instead. He got a small plain Sicilian. There siclians are really good the but the cheese underneath the sauce and they put a lil paramassian cheese on top. Hes like look they have pasta he knows I love my pasta and I do but im really picky with my sauce if its not my late grandmothers sauce I wont eat it I would just eat my pasta plain so I didn’t get pasta and then I was looking at the baked pasta and i was really thinking about getting bake ziti but I know places put hamburger meat in then and when my mom use to make it for me she would make me like lil own without meat so I ended up just getting a grilled chicken ceaser salad dressing on the side and he got a side of fries cause he knows I love fries.
Well I ate about half of hes fries he put salt on hes half cause I cant eat salt so he was being nice. The salad was huge though def worth the money cuase you would think it was expensive but it was actually pretty cheap. But what they do instead of croutons the cut up garlic bread and but that on top. And the dressing I got it on the side and it wasn’t the normally really creamy white ceaser dressing it was more of like an Italian dressing. Like really u should of seen the salad I ate about ¾ of its cause the boy said I had to eat it but when I got like half way through hes like just have a lil more than u can b done.

For so reason we got talking about pizza hes like I remember when u use to eat pizza all the time b4 ur problem got bad again u use to it like 2-3 pieces im like yeah now pizza just scares me. He didn’t say nething to that remark he knows pizza scares me and he knows im not eating dairy so.

Hes like the good thing about going out to eat on Fridays is the left overs that u take home now u can eat them tomm and have some food. I tool home 3 slices of silician I’ll prob have a slice or 2 b4 the gym and then burn them off.
We went back to my house after that and hes like ur so pale im not use to seeing u that pale. And in all reality I am pale paler then he is use to from working at a tanning salon for 4 years I kept some pretty good color cause I could tan for free. Hes like u look so weird pale y don’t u start tanning again ur gym has a tanning. im like yeah but I don’t trust gym tanning beds its not their main concern so they prob don’t change the bulbs as much as u are suppose to and they don’t clean the beds they make the ppl clean it after so im like yeah no I don’t wanna tan there. Hes like well what about the salon right by the gym. And he’s right there is a tanning salon right by the gym called Salon Bronze it’s a pretty well-known chain I just don’t know much about it. So ima do research on it later and c the prices and what type of beds they have and all that stuff. Like I know I will prob b annoying to the workers cause hello im smart tan certified I have a certificate so I know what im talking about. I’ll also c if maybe they are hiring its in PA rather then Jersey and I know they have different rules I believe but it cant be that much of a difference u know.

And then we were talking about my shirt again im like do u like it I got it when I went dressy clothes id figured id get myself something its suppose to b a shirt but it’s a lil big. Hes like it is a lil baggy on u what size is it im like it’s a small hes like well y didnt u get an extra small then im like they didn’t have any extra small in this shirt hes like well don’t they usually im like well sometimes but some brands don’t make extra smalls I got most of my dressy shirts in extra smalls
Then he asked about my period when it went away and I told him Friday hes like what u only had it for one day again im like yeah hes like y im like idk and just shrugged my shoulder hes like well what could it be im like I don’t eat much hes like I though u were eating im like yeah im eating I don’t eat much hes like well what do u eat im like fruit for breakfast veggies for lunch then salad and fruit for dinner something snack in between hes like ur getting nutrients from the fruit and veggies so idk y its not right im like idk but im ok hes like I want u to b ok I want u to b healthy I don’t want nething to happen to u I told him that I was ok and we just left it after. I didn’t tell him that I eat 800 cals or under and I burn it all off neway yeah he doesn’t need to know that he worries enough as it is.
We ended up falling asleep early and we didn’t do nething which sucks I really could of used that extra workout burn dinner off. I guess I didn’t look cute enough for him or something idk or mayb he was just really tired who knows.
So last night at date night I ate a few fries and about ¾ of my grilled chicken ceaser salad.

Today im planning on going to the gym I normally do 2 hours on elly but today im only going to do 1 hour on elly cause I want to wash my car today. B4 I leave for the gym I got find some quarters hopefully my mom will have some I need quarters to vacuum out my car its all gross it needs a really good cleaning. My mom will b gone all day an di think my dad went to work. My bro came home for the wkd again but hopefully he wont b home much im use to having the house to myself lately. I like having the house to myself I can workout ne way I want then.

So the plan for today is:
*gym- 1hour on elly prob a hill workout
*go to car wash and vacuum out my car
*home to wash my car inside and out so that will prob take about 2-3 hours
*research Salon Bronze tanning salon by the gym
*look into jobs

The boy is prob going out 2nite so idk what i will do all night prob read watch tv or a movie or mayb a nap. I don’t really sleep much nemore im back to my weird sleeping habits and ive been up since about 5am so I will prob crash later for like an hour or 2 then b up the rest of the night.

Well I love u all u are all the best most amazing ppl ever.


  1. The boy sounds really caring of you. Awh, it put a smile on my face to read this.

    Have a great day! Much love.

  2. Well I saw your outfit from yesterday and I think you looked really cute. So I'm sure the boy was just really tired! I'm planning the same thing for today. 1hr on the elliptical and cleaning out my car. Bought all the stuff for it yesterday! :)

  3. the boy sounds really concerned for you, thats good though, its nice to know theres someone that cares.
    be careful with tanning hun, cause of skin cancer and all, but everyone loves the glow.
    take care <3

  4. You have such a supportive boyfriend. Love it. :)

  5. ah I guess the smoothie was more a juice. it didn't have any dairy. sometimes a fruit boost is just what you need :) and the girls are right, your boy sounds like a keeper. x

  6. thank u all he tries to b supportive and he tries to understand he knows how hard it is on me
    and tanning hun dont worry about me i know about tanning and the light u get from the tanning beds is the same uv light u get from outside its just more controlled in the beds
    outsdie u dont know how much uv lights u are getting