Wednesday, September 15, 2010


so not much happened 2day sincim unemplyed and i have no life so yeah ugh i hate being home all the time i dont do well with it i have to b constantly doing something or i go crazy and being home and no wokring is just killing me i get really bored adn theni eat and theni go crazy and then my head freaks out so yeah lets hop ei find a job soon b4 i go compleltey crazy

at least i didnt wake up at 3am this time yay for that i manged to stay up til mindnite and then tossed and turned til 7am and then i finally got out of bed during the week i seem to not b able to sleep past 7am cause my body is so use to getting up the early

i went thru like a week phase after i lost my job were i would fall alseep at llike 8pm and then wake up at 7am of course i woiuld wake up thru the nite a few tiems but i hated sleeping that much its just not me i dont fucntin well on that much sleep im better on only 4 hours of sleep

so i messed up today with my vegan going i had a slip and ihate myself for it and i ate way 2 much other wise thru the day but lets hope tomm goes better

i just ran in place ofr an hour while watching gilmore girls again love that show i kept my feet on the floor and just kept my legs moving as usually

so food log
*dry bran flakes
*cup of hot tazo caffein free orange tea
*lil water

*baked potao no skin with garlice powder and red peppers
*salad-lettuce, pickle, small tomato, hot pepers wine vinage dressing
*liter of water

snacking thru out day
*butter popcorn-vegan fuck up number 1
*dry frosted flakes
*dark choc hot choc-vegan fuck up number 2
*animal crackers
* 2 liters of water
*cup of lax tea

dinner idk what ima do yet porb will make one of my veggies that i have in the freezer ima try and not fuck up much more thru out the nite
and then tomm i gotta start doing better again and get back on track with my veganism

*65 min elly cascades hill workout level 10- 439 cals burned

Sophia Bush- cause shes gorg always been another fav of mine


  1. I'm going crazy too with no job and hanging around the house all day. I have to keep myself busy, so I made a list of all little projects that need to be done - like cleaning out the bookcases, putting all the summer stuff away, cleaning things that have been ignored...

    But most of the time I just stare at the list, and then go to Barnes & Noble, and spend the rest of the week curled up in the recliner with my cat and a new book. :D

  2. o i would ove to just go to barnes andnobles love it ther hate all the ppl but love all the books
    but i cant im broke and the lil money i have saved ineed for my bills
    im glad im not alone inthe hole going crazy thing