Monday, September 13, 2010

how my job interview went today

so i decided to go with the second choice the dress with the shaw and the leggings an di acutally felt comfortable in it this morning well felt a lil fat but not as much as i usually did that could b from the BM i had this morinng though me and nervous dont mix very well

i wore my hair down and curly my hair is naturally curly i put a black headband in i always wear a headband its just my thing i had always down that i also decided to leave my bangs down as well

my makeup i never wear much i just do my eyes so idid that today i out on gold/bronze eye shadow(alwasy wear that color) some black mascra on top lashes and then some black eyeliner on bottom. i do my makeup the same way all the time so it takes me like 2 seconds to do it

thankfully my swollen eye went down alot it was still swollen but not as noticalbe as it was it was still on read ont he lid and the side and underneath my mom said that it wasnt to bad though so i beleived her

i got to my interview about 10 minutes early it was on the 2nd floor so i took the steps up i had to fill out an application when i got there since i didnt do that befor eijust sent my resume in. i kinda messe dup on the resume a lil i wrote my address int he wrong spot i flipped it i wrote the city and state in the address section and the address int he city state section leave that to me to mess up i also forgot to write the pay i got at my other jobs and i realized when i got home that i wrote i made $8.50 at my last job but i really make $8.25 ooopps my bad

but neway she really didnt ask me nething she just told me what the job entailes its part time tuesdays and fridays 9-5 and then sat mornings 9-12 i would pretty much be doing receptonist work answering phones transfer ppl answering questiions if i could, filing and othe random stuff if everyhing is slow. i would b greeting the members as well so i would pretty much b sitting at the front desk allt he time shes like sometimes u have to og pick up files so some1 will watch the front desk for u and if u have to run to the bathroom just let one of us know and we will watch it for u

i dont get medical benefits but i do get week vacation and after a year i would get 2 weeks, i would get holiday pay so if its a holiday and its was my day to work i still get paid for it and if a holiday falls on a day i dont work i get half the pay i would of made if i worked

the dress code is business casual i dont have to wear a suit or nehting but like no jeans dressy pants nice shirt in the summer we are allowed to wear dressy capris and sometimes during the winter if the weather is bad the president will let us wear jeans

she asked how much pay i was expecting and i didnt know what to say so i just said around 8.25-8.50 anhour but im negotable she said thats prob around waht they would pay me.

she was very nice though and i liked her she said she was doing interviews all this week that she was running alil behind but she would call me if i got the job or if i didnt they always let ppl know. i told her this tuesdays and next i had previous enganements(my unemployment meetings didnt say that though) so i wrote on my application that i could start the 22nd

idk if i stand a chance like yeah i have an assciates degree in accounting but my 2 previous jobs were in sales so idk i guess we will wait and c

well im off to the gym i will update again later
o finished the 3rd book in pretty little liars brining 4th one with me to the gym


  1. sounds great. Good luck with the gym ..

  2. Sounds like you looked smokin!!! I hope you get the job! *Fingers crossed* for you : )
    I really want to start reading those books, I've tried reading while walking on the treadmill and I think I'm going to start again, I love reading, and when I'm reading I can't be stuffing my facee haha Hope the gym went well. Lots of lovee

    P.S I pretty muchh la la loveee you and thank you so much for following me, you really motivate me to keep going. xo : )

  3. I'm sure you rocked the job interview! They'd be crazy not to hire you! <3 ya Dani!!!

  4. Awww, good luck. I truly hope that you get the job. It sounds like your interview went well!

  5. want- i love readin while working out u should really start doing it again love u too crazy i love reading ur blgos glad i could help

    thanx everyone else ur rally are the best
    love u all

  6. Sounds like the interview went well! And even if the pay isn't much, at least you get paid vacation and holidays - that's always good.