Tuesday, September 14, 2010


so i just sat thru the most stupid and pointless meating ever i had to go to a unemployment orientation meeting thing yeah it was stupid. i had to sit ina room with a bunch of ppl which is hard enough for me as it is i dont like ppl i hate croweds so i sat in the back in the corner cureld up in a ball on my chair and leaning against the wall

the first thing she did was show a stupid short video thati didnt even pay ne attention to it was all the sane information that was in the booklet we got in the mail i acutally read the booklet so yeah no need for me to listen at all

the next thing we had to do was fillout this form it was jsut basic information i can do that and i did but she needed it to enter us into the computer for we would b registtered or some shit.

she started talking about how this isnt a time to b depressed ucan start over and learn a trade or go back to school start ur own businnes do what u want now. like the have trade programs were u can collect while ur learning th etrade but yeah thats not really for me

and theres also this thing were u can go back to school for free but u can only take like 2 classes a semester which ifind stupid if in gong to go back to school to get my bacholars degree in accounting or a totally different degree then i want to get it done ine a reasonable amount of time not drag it out for fucking ever ugh asshole ppl

like i said the meeting was stupid and apointless and really didnt help me ne the only good thing was that i got ot walk there and walk back it took me about 20 mins to walk there and then 20 min to walk back i also had my bag with me that had: my notebook, all my unemployment stuff, a second smaller notebooke, my day planner, PLL book number 4, a sweatshirt, my wallet and keys and a bottle of water. so that was al il heavy but hey it prob helped me burn extra cals

so i was researching veganstuff cause im going vegan adn i found this great website it has list of all this tuff that u can eat for breakfast and snacks stuff u can back with condiments and drinks. its amzing cause theres alot of foods on there u think u wouldnt b able to eat. im still going to read the labels on foods when i buy them but still this site is great heres the link if u guys wanna check it out


food log so far:
*dry bran flakes(i ate them rigth out of the box so idk how much i exaclty had def no more then 2 cups if that even but they are 90 cals a cup so yeah)
*natural slices almonds(lil bowl)
*salad(lettuce, small tomato, small apple, wine vinager dressing)
*small banana

*liter and half of water
*sobe life water 0-syrah grape berry
*cup of hot tazo caffeine free orange tea

*5,043 steps taken- 147 cals burnt
*65 min elly level 6 manual not hill- 465 cals burnt


  1. Sounds like a boring useless meeting -_-
    But yay for exercisee : ) lol
    I'm considering going vegeterian or vegan, I'm going to take a look at that site, thanks lovee :)

  2. eeek gay, sorry you had to endure that! Just out of curiosity how old are you?
    Walking is my favorite form of exercise heehee and good luck with vegan!

    And thanks so much for commenting on all my posts, your always so sweet and helpful! Love ya XD

  3. want-yes def look at the nite let me know what u thing

    ash- im 24 just for u know
    ur welcome hunim always here for u