Friday, September 17, 2010


so im already dressed for date nite yeah i got bored and decided to get dressed already so i have 2 well its the same outfit but close up then farther away so yeah its like 75 degrees or something today mayb closed to 70 and im so cold so i got on a long sleeve shirt the tank and then the sweater over top and i got knee high socks on as well

this is the farther away one for u guys can c the hole outfit

heres the close up one it was taken in my room

i wanted to try and look extra cute today the boy has had a bad week and i want to look cute for him i feel so fat and gross and idt i look cute but im comfy and warm and i guess its semi cute idk
but neway on the phone last nite he told me that he had a really bad week that it has nuttin to do with me that im fine i didnt do nething wrong but hes not in the best of moods so he doesnt want me to b in one o fmy moods. when he says one of my moods its pretty much my depression or my head totally driving me crazy i told him that i was fine all week which really is a lie but i can try and b fine with him at least i dont want him mad at me too.

i was bad and saved my last pay check from work wow a hole 6 hoursi was suppose to spend it on food buti saved it for i can pay for our dinner tonite i hate that he has to pay all the time cause of my broke job less ass and i didnt get him nething for he bday on monday cause i just couldnt afford it but im about to just say screw it and use my credit card and get him 2 tickets tothe flyers love hockey

but neway yesterday i asked my mom if she could get me seom grapes and green grapes after a stupid conversation of y green and not red she said she would get my them if she remembered and guess what she remembered yes she got a bag of green grapes and abag of red graps and then bag of red apples and a bag of green apples. ihate red grapes and i only eat red apples if there are no geen ones around. well i took 6 of the green apples and but them in my fridge. i also a lil container and put half of the green grapes in there and put them in my fridge as well. she said that i coudl do that neway and said to not hestiate to ask her to get me something which is crazy cause yeah she was never like that. and then she asked if i had enough money imlike mom im fine i got money in the bank for my bills shes like but what about in ur waller im like i got some dont worry and then she tried to give me some money but i woudlnt take it shes doing it out of chariety and im not a chareity case and if i take them money from her or my dad then i owe them and ia am not owing my parents nething cause they will hold it over my head for whiel so fuck that

so ihave a headache but its one of those i didnt eat much and worked out to much kind of headaches i love them but they hurt so much i went to the gymthis moring yes and spent some good guality time with elly :) i also cleaned my room just organized a lil vaccumeed my floor u know the usual.

right now im watching one tree hill on soapnet then im going to finish my hair do my makeup repaint my nails and i might run in place for ali l later ro do some crunches b4 date nite withthe boy

food log so far:

*samll apple cut up with cinnamon
*cup of hot tazo caffeine free orange tea
*half lite of water

*20 grapes
*half a liter of water
*bottle of vitamin water 0 recoup

*salad(lettuce, small tomato, 1 kosher pickle, few hot peppers, wine vinager dressing)
*liter of water-still drinking now

*65 min elly level 6 manual no hill- 483 cals burned
*35 min kilamlro hill workout elly level12-252 cals burned

i might have small apple later if my heachache gets to bad
and i know ima mess upmy vegan today wellnot technially mess up cause i gave fridays as a free day for me since i have to go out and eat iwth the boy and most restraunatsdont have any vegan options so i will prob just get some kind of salad with grilled chicken and dressing on the side

o i also finished p the 4th book in the Pretty Little Liars series in going to start the 5th one very soon im so addicted to these books they are amazing

loveu all


  1. wow you look supercute!
    I know what you mean about not borrowing money, I hate it, that's why I have a job. And I hope your head feels better!

  2. i wish i had a job cant find one ugh
    but thanx hun the outift was so comfy too

  3. Cute outfit!!

    And Flyers tickets?!? They should be DEVILS tickets, Jersey girl!!
    Haha, just kidding. I'm not one of those fans...
    (I am kinda, but let's pretend I'm more civilized.)

    Mum does that to me as well, and I hate taking money from her. It makes me feel like I totally fail at life. I hope your job search is going better than mine!

  4. hah no flyers all the way baby lol im not crazy or nething but the boyfriend turned me on to hockey and i love going to the games love it hate all the ppl abs hate that part but love going to the game

    i know hun i know exactly how u feel
    im still waiting to hear back from my interview i got another rejection email form a difffernt job
    theres nuttin around here stupid ass small fucking town