Thursday, September 2, 2010

9/2/10 cont.....

ok so yes im back again its me lol twice in one day wow that doesnt happen much
well i forgoet to mention something

i emailed the on e therapist that is acutally willing to help me. some therapist dont even eamil me back they just ignore me and one said that i was to bad for therapy that i needed ip cause i have somany complex issues like fuck im reaching out for help and no1 will help me
but neway back tot he point i emailed the one that said she would b willing tohelp me but there is a waiting list since i dont have insurance i would need one of th reducded rate slots so i had her put me onthe waiting list and yeah i cant c her til november at the earlist

i cant imagine how bad my head will b at that time considering ima fuciking mess now as it is and i need a much much need mental health vacation ugh
but its the best i can do casue i cant go into ip im stubborn like that i will never ever voluntarily admit myself so yeah lose cause there so if im goingt o b put in ip its gonna b cause im so bad that im medically unstable and they can involuntraily admit me

ooo so i sat here since yeah i have time on my hands now ugh sucks and appled to moare jobs ive apples to like idk mayb aroun 15 jobs in august alone and never heard nething back from ne of them. but i appled to 7 different kinds tonite yes ima ll over the place here are the ones i applied for

*patient account respresentative
*front office coordinator
*commissions processor
*general accouting
*accounting assistant
*office administrator
*clerk at a law firm


  1. Good luck with the job search! I've been looking for 2 months now and there is NOTHING up here.

    Hope everything works out with the therapist. November isn't too far away. :)

  2. thers nuttin around here either
    im applying for jobs in pa and shit